The Importance of ‘People’ Skills: Adding value, demonstrating potential, and building strong relationships…


Now most of us might be familiar with that ‘awkward’ moment when you are sitting in your new office, on a slightly uncomfortable chair, and you realise that you don’t actually know anyone there. But what you do at that moment in time, recalling a similar situation in Year 7 when you knew absolutely no-one (and when of course sitting in boy/girl order was considered a punishment), becomes heavily dependent on your ‘people’ skills – so, do you run to the coffee room and break the ice with your new squad, or do you hide and phone mum?

“They can be taught, practised, applied, and even mastered over time!”

Such skills are generally classed as your ability to talk, empathize, interact and understand others. But in a nutshell, these are the skills that you need to have in order to get through life in one piece. They can be taught, practised, applied, and even mastered over time! Acquiring a strong set of ‘people’ skills is very important and without such skills, you almost become limited to the ways you can develop socially and emotionally, substantially limiting the exposure of your true capabilities.

In the real world, the best opportunities do not get given to you out of thin air – you have to earn it. And you will notice that in life, it is not always about ‘what’ you know; it can also be about ‘who’ you know. Even the set-up for a large collection of movies are based on friends setting their ‘gals’ or ‘guys’ up on dates, or about one meeting their other half at a mutual friends’ party – thereby having strong communication, listening, persuasion, and mutual understanding skills, pretty much sets you up for life.

“Skills…pretty much set you up for life”

Similarly, you will need to possess skill forms in negotiation and mediation in whatever field you are in. You will never get everything that you want, so you will need to learn the art of compromising. This itself has the potential to open doors, whilst giving you strong rapport amongst your friends and employers, encouraging harmonic and supportive peer environments. More so, this mind-set could ultimately be the difference between getting a promotion, and getting looked down on for being stubborn.

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Can you even “…add value to your goals and accomplishments”?

To be devoted to becoming people-orientated is not as easy as it sounds; no matter how far up the ladder you are, there will be someone you clash with. But relationships are formed on a give-and-take basis, and you will need others to add value to your goals and accomplishments. Nowadays most friendships are even formed on the basis of ‘people-people’ accepting that we all have our own quirks – so why not embrace the weirdness?!

Once your ‘people’ skills are ‘on point’, you will be able to boast your true potential, and open doors to endless possibilities! In many ways, how well you choose to use those interpersonal skills is entirely up to you – but is the world ready to see just what you are capable of achieving?



Hope you enjoyed reading!




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‘Have I grown up yet?’: 17 things to tick off before I’m 29

As children, we put this idea into our head that anyone over the age of about 18, or even 21, is a ‘grown up’. Well, yep…ish – at 18, you can legally drink in the UK, place a bet at a betting shop, and even get a tattoo; and at 21, you can even supervise someone learning to drive (given you’ve had your license for 3+ years)…

But I’m 20 now, and still go for Happy Meals at McDonalds…


Is there an upper and lower age limit to being a grown up?

In 77 days, I’ll be turning 21. I had never really given ‘growing up’ much thought, and in many ways, I think the majority of us put growing up right up alongside the idea of finishing school (and then university) – which considering that I now want to do a Masters/PhD, might be for a while now…

That moment when you don't have the correct candles for the cake…#brunch #batman

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Well, what can you do at the age of 21? – Well, adopt…

A few days ago, I found out that at 21 (aka, the age most people graduate in the UK), one can actually adopt a child (…and before anyone says anything further – no, I am not currently planning on doing so for MY 21st birthday).

I’ve met my fair share of 21 year olds. I went on a semester abroad; I lived off-campus; and I’m in my second non-consecutive year of living back on campus. We all know that when exams approach and when deadlines stress us all out we inevitably just run back home into the arms of our parents. We eat ALL the food from our our family fridge; we phone our parents all the time at work…all-in-all, they are basically our rock.


And stereotypically, students, like myself, just seem like a bit of a mess all the time. But knowing that out there, there are 21 year olds who are actually financially and mentally ready to adopt a child, has made me determined to make the most out of what I have right now, and venture into all the opportunities that I can grab hold of before it’s too late.

And now, I’m finally ready to add to my bucket list! Let’s go!



I love being spontaneous. I can quickly adapt to last minute plans, and I can actually thrive in chaos believe it or not. But I love being organised and love to plan ahead.

Unfortunately, we can’t really predict what is going to happen in the future. We say we want to do one job in so many number of years, but then will the company still be there? Well, hopefully – but we can’t know for definite.

At 29, let’s hope I’ll have decided my career path, and be on track to earning some dolla.



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Just because you want to go travelling, it doesn’t mean you have to spend all your life savings on it, enter overdraft and be broke. Having spoken to many people who have already graduated, one thing they regret most is not having saved ‘enough’.

Student Finance is definitely not everyone’s best friend at the moment. But I had the luxury of choosing to go to Keele for my UG studies, where living costs aren’t as heavy and as painful as maybe living in London could be.

With the money from SFE and summer work, I calculated that I could spend up to £150 a week (about £70 after rent). But surely it doesn’t mean I have to starve myself to save up, and it definitely doesn’t mean I have to spend £69.99 of it either!

Compromising might have to be the key here…



WOAH WOAH WOAH.  Yep. I’ve gone there. A lot of people, young couples even more so nowadays, rent their homes from people because house prices are ridiculous right now.

Such a beautiful day outside #sun #clouds #studying

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By 29, I want to own a house. Strictly speaking, I don’t even need to be living in this house. If the opportunity comes by and I can afford to buy a place of my own, I’d love to be able to rent it out to others until I’m ready to settle down myself. It’d work money-wise right?



Another one of my ‘what is Nat on’ random moments… Whenever I’ve bought a pack of biro pens, they generally go missing after a day or two. Yep. Friends out there…I know you’ve taken a few off of me.

Even when I’m at lectures, going to meetings or just at the office, my pens just disappear into the unknown…

Goal before I graduate? Actually finish using a pen from its birth from the packet, until it runs out of ink.



Our parents always compare us to other kids out there (sadly it’s true whether you want to admit it or not). ‘X and Y just got hired by Z, and is earning ££… K just won the HJKL award for being the best XJKLDJ’…

And when you compare normal people (like myself), to celebs…it just gets weirder.

Obviously everyone has a purpose and everyone can achieve anything they want in life. I still need to find a hobby – something that I excel at even more than anything else…- and I want to use this as a chance to be the one who makes a difference and now I have just under 9 years to do so!

A lot of people put their achievements in the headline of their Linkedin profile…what will mine be at 29?



You’re probably thinking… ‘Oh gosh…’


Everyone who knows me really well, knows that I love the idea of having children – and the idea of having cute little family outings. I may, or may not, end up living the stereotypical ‘Desperate Housewives’ life that everyone who watches US television dreams of… But if at the age of 29, I end up getting a cute Canadian golden retriever? Well, it’ll be good enough for me!



Had such a fun weekend in #Copenhagen! #winterbreak #2016 #snow

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From studying abroad, I learned that you can never really get bored of travelling. Inevitably you will miss your family – but travelling doesn’t mean running away from home! Over the summer, I worked hard to get some extra dosh in my pocket before I graduate – but I missed out on the holidays I could have taken!

Sure I went on study abroad and spent $$$, but sometimes holidays can be good for you to find yourself again. [Will there be a Bhutan 2017 trip?!]



Absolutely loved dressing up for the KCSS Summer Ball last year…surely Black Tie Gala’s are even more awesome?!

Most people go with their ‘other half’, so let’s put that idea into this goal too…

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#pleaseinviteme #GetNatToGala2025


9. TO HAVE INVESTED IN SOMETHING (and gained something or another)

I want to be able to call the shots, and invest in something that’d actually make a pretty good return. Personal Capital do wealth management too…



I’ve always wanted to join a committee of some sort (always imagined it’d be the PTA or something) – but why not start with my final year at university?

I’ll most definitely be busy, but when I’m not busy I’m bored – so why not?!

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I always say ‘fight me’ to my bowling buddies, but I’m not even 5ft 4.

Let’s put it this way: weight of bowling ball > weight of my head. Moving on…



Everyone I know has a license. For parental-rebelling purposes, I never got a license nor do I intend to until dearest daddy bear retires!

But hey, I’m going to need a license to drive my little mini-me’s around in our minivan right?!



I’m not sure I suit a white dress, but I’m TOTALLY willing to be a bridesmaid 27 times if it means I get 27 oddly-shaped dresses!



Random? Sure. Could be pretty awesome though…plus I’d have to try and keep all the plants alive all at once…this challenge might be harder than getting a graduate job.


15. Eat a Molecular Gastronomy Dinner

YEP. I had no idea what this was either… I found it on Instagram… I’m a Med Chem student – I’m curious! Stop judging!



It might sound shallow or #richkidproblems, but hey – I’m going to dish out a challenge to myself: plan, and host my own house party… good luck me.

My birthday cake #chocolate #yum #hkig #ukig #mine #food #cake #hkgirl #asian #birthday #party

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Last, and hopefully not least, I hope to retire with a worth that will enable me to enjoy EVERY last bit of my life.

Let’s come back to this post in 9 years time…then we can re-evaluate if I get to qualify as a grown up! HA!




#GOMO – what?!

You’re probably thinking…what on earth are you on about this time Nat?

#GOMO is a term that was first introduced to me over the summer by Eventbrite, an online ticketing platform, where you can both discover great upcoming events, and also create and sell tickets to your own event!


But what does GOMO really mean? It means ‘Going Out More Often’ #GoingOutMoreOften. Have you noticed that the majority of things we have introduced into our life relies really heavily on the internet, whether it be social media, watching tutorials, or even just gaming? Well, I guess we don’t want to believe it, but it does actually mean we stay at home more, or within the confines of what we term ‘Free Wifi’ hotspots.

We’ve all fallen victim to the ‘Netflix and Chill’ concept…

Now, we want to be able to temporarily squish some of those habits. We want to be able to get out there and try to do more with our lives. We’ve all fallen victim to the ‘Netflix and Chill’ concept (HA, if you really do know what this means…), and yes, I admit it, this summer I’ve watched my fair share of Netflix (…reruns of all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls, House MD, Homeland…)

So I took on the challenge, I got out there, and put myself out there a tad bit more.

What did I get up to?

Well…I got a job…or two. HA! You’re probably wondering…how could this be at all fun(!)? I worked my guts out 55 hours a week, I met some incredible people, and I indulged myself with a summer crush.

I have to admit that this summer, I worked so many hours that even I wasn’t sure if I was going to still going to be the same girl that I was at the start of the summer! But I made sure of one thing: that this summer, I would enjoy it.

Well here's to cute dinner dates… #datenight #datetwo

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To me, a large part of my summer was doing more stuff, and committing myself to things I would never have even considered doing before. Prior to this, I had never really contemplated getting a summer job, just because of the usual ‘let’s have a family holiday’ habit, that we all love to enjoy. But since it was the summer of 2nd year, I wanted to do something more. I wanted to experience everything (well…) before I graduate.

I snapped up a job at Heathrow Airport, and I actually really enjoyed it (even having to go through security and getting my bag x-ray’ed at the airport each shift…yep it was like going on holiday each weekend, aside from the fact we never got to step foot onto the plane, have drinks or stay at 5* hotels).

Despite the long shifts, starting either really early at 5am, or ending super late at 10pm, then having to commute back to my side of London, I had a laugh – yep, the banter at 5am on a Saturday morning after a full work week was crazy, but I made some hard-earned cash, I met a bunch of pretty awesome people, had fun and dated an awesome guy.

There's always time for cupcakes #intern #medcomms #office #GBBOatwork #homemade

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Working at a kids summer camp meant doing things that I never thought I’d have to do in my life again – from continuous toilet runs with nursery-aged kids, to singing nursery rhymes and sitting in circles eating lunch. Working at minimum wage, with such huge responsibilities made me realise how lucky I have been to have had my parents support me financially throughout high school, and even during my first few years at university.


Lastly, my internship was hands down the best experience of my life – I met individuals and worked with a team that I never would have been able to come across in my life if I hadn’t taken the leap and decided that I wanted to do something relevant and productive during the summer. It’s given me the opportunity to do more, and now I have a new set of skills and experiences that I can build on in the months to come!

I loved every moment of my summer camp job, my internship, and I loved every moment of my weekend retail job. Putting myself out there, I earned and saved money, and I made sure that it was the best summer I could ever have. For the first time in my life, I went to work socials, I celebrated achievements with drinks, and I probably spent most of the money I earned, but hey, I had the experience of my life.

Through all this, I network-ed with people with an entire lifetime of experiences and stories ahead and behind them, and I’ve even started planning my graduation trip to Bhutan (Summer 2017)!

Now, the next step…what can I do next?




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Pristine: Dead Sea Mud Mask Product Review

The past few months have been hectic for me. I’ve travelled to and from uni a fair few times, woken up at very awkward hours to complete editing deadlines, and as a result, I haven’t really had time to keep up with my ideal ‘beauty’ routines as such. Since my routine was a wreck, I decided I really needed to do some sort of mask during my spare time to try and get everything beauty related back on track!

I love trying out new beauty products, and well, I’m so happy to introduce you guys to another awesome product I’ve been trying out for the past week. The Pristine Dead Sea Mud Mask…


I’ve been using Pristine’s mask about 2-3 times a week for the past two weeks. And well, I definitely think it’s working. The mask is one of those that doesn’t dry up that quickly once applied, meaning it doesn’t crack and it doesn’t make your face feel like someone just zapped up all the moisture from it.

Because it didn’t dry up and crack, my face did not feel irritated even the slightest – which is a miracle since a lot of masks make faces red and well, THIS ONE DEFINITELY IMPRESSED ME…

I definitely think Pristine’s Dead Sea Mud Mask can be compared to Origin’s Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. Yes. It really can be…


If you’ve been subscribed long enough, you’ll know for a fact that I love products that smell fruity and pleasant… This mud mask doesn’t necessarily have a ‘weird’ smell, it just doesn’t smell fruity – which, well, even though it doesn’t smell flavoured, it works on my face, so it is definitely worth it in my perspective!

The packaging is pretty and simplistic but does the job. The formula is very thin, meaning you only need a little bit to get you sorted each time. The mask is slightly on the expensive side, but if you use it properly, I’m sure it can last you quite a while (worth it in the long run)!

So if you’ve been struggling to find the right face mask to suit your skin, this is definitely worth a try!

This product is available from Amazon UK, and can be delivered straight to your house (you can even get next day delivery if you’re signed up with Amazon Prime): .

Do let me know how you much you guys love the product too! Tweet at me @enngigi or email me at!



*Disclaimer: I was lucky to have been sent this product for me to try out. All views are honest and my own.*




Tillyanna Designs: Special & Beautiful Combined!

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for waiting so patiently for me to write my posts whilst I finished my exams and moved back down to London for the Summer! I’m so grateful that everyone is still very supportive and continues to provide me with such delightful feedback! But now, without further ado… the post you’ve probably been the most excited for since I tweeted about it a few months back…so let us rewind a few months back too!

When Mother’s Day came around, I was absolutely clueless about what I could possibly get my mum this year…I had gone through the usual gift ideas: photo frames, flowers, chocolates, beauty sets etc etc etc…but then I was on, and came across this beautiful brand: Tillyanna Designs (

Tillyanna are based in Monmouthshire, and was founded by Helen Parker. Not only did they win the Ethos Award at the Make Awards last year, but they’ve got designs that will sweep you off your feet. They are just gorgeous!


Tillyanna very kindly sent me over some awesomely personalised products: their A5 notebook, and a lovely make up bag too! As a shopaholic, I have honestly come across a LOT of personalised items in the past year, and I have to say that these are now my ultimate favourites!

The Tillyanna Personalised Notebook retails at £12.75, whereas the Personalised Black Make Up Case retails at £16.00! Definitely worth looking into because I have never come across a brand whose items are literally just so Instagram-photo-perfect!

All of their make up pouches are made from 100% fairtrade certified cotton – amazing (right?!) – whilst all of their very high-quality and delicately made notebooks are made from recycled materials!

Tillyanna have such a wide range of products that can be personalised and gifted to everyone in your family! Whether you want to buy your sibling an awesomely personalised notebook to start their drawings in, or whether you want to buy your parents a brilliantly personalised plant pot like I did (photos to come…) – they just have so many exciting products to choose from!

You can also get hold of their products using their notonthehighstreet link here:!

Have fun!


*Disclaimer: I was super lucky to receive these gift from the team at Tillyanna for me to review and tell all of you guys about! Please note that all views and opinions are honest, and my own.*

Randomise™ (Gamely Ltd.)

Ever attempted to draw an ‘Embarrassed Swan Boiling An Egg’?

Unsure of what to do with the kids this summer? Need a twist on your usual family board games? Procrastinating from revising? If you’ve never attempted to draw an ‘Embarrassed Swan Boiling An Egg’, you need to get your hands on this brand new game!

If you have a few hours and you have no idea what to do with it, whatever your age, life experiences, or degree (yes, students can try it out too!), you can step into a world where you can test your creative capacities and ultimately draw a ‘Gorgeous Worm Playing The Flute’! With Randomise™, nothing is impossible!

Suitable for everyone aged 8+, Randomise™ is THE game to play with your family. Whether you have a career in the arts industry, or whether your children have the wildest of imaginations, Randomise™ gives you the opportunity to explore your crazy and most curious artistic abilities, whether it be through drawing your way to victory, or whether your children opt to act as a ‘Swan Boiling An Egg’!

With 110 cards to choose from (with a few empties to allow you to create a few of your own cards too), this game has the potential to create hours of fun for your children with the hundreds of possible card combinations it can generate!

Find out more here or have the ultimate mixed ‘Charades, Articulate and Pictionary’ experience of a lifetime by purchasing your own set of cards on Amazon for just £9.99!


*Disclaimer: I was super lucky to receive a copy of Randomise™ sent to me by Gamely Ltd. for review; please note that all views and opinions are honest and my own.*

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NEW IDEAS! treaclemoon & their lovely app!

If you’ve been subscribed to my blog for the last couple of years, you’ll definitely be well aware of the fact that I absolutely LOVE awesomely fresh and sweet smelling shower gels, bath bombs, and hair shampoo!

What’s more? Well, Treaclemoon released a few more flavours of their awesomely smelling and luxurious bath and shower gels only a few months back – and I had the awesome chance to try out their new range!

To date, I’ve tried Treaclemoon’s Vanilla Moment Bath and Shower Gels (links to previous blog posts will be added momentarily), My Coconut Island Body Scrubs, and so many more…but this month, I’ve been trying out one of their newest additions: the honeycomb secret.

Make your own ideas into something you can be proud of!

Yes yes, it’s definitely no surprise that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it. Again! Though the nearest Supermarkets are about two miles away from my university house, I’ll definitely be making the trek back up the hill in order to get some more before exam starts and I won’t have time to go shopping every week! The honeycomb secret shower gel is just so amazing. It’s basically a cross between heaven and the summer time honey smell. It’s bliss. Just go and try it for yourselves!


You can purchase Treaclemoon’s lovely range from Tesco and Waitrose for just £2.49, but I’d definitely recommend buying a few when every you see that the supermarket has shopped up – they go so quickly because they’re just so worth it.

Student life or not, opt for this

You get 500 mL of pure honey smelling shower gel that can last you about a month or two! Student life or not, opt for this.

What’s more is, if you’re one of those shower gel lovers that always reads the extracts on the label, just above ‘bath and shower gel’, you’ll be so delighted to know that Treaclemoon now even have their own app – and you can even win prizes from sending in your own designs! Treaclemoon have had such an overwhelming response from their new app and it’s just pure amazing-ness! They always take into consideration what we, as customers, love about their brand, and they love incorporating us into their designs!

Find out more here!

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 16.01.46

Using this app, you’ll have your chance to send in your own ideas. They might even become a reality! You can use it on iOS 8.0 or later, and whether you have an Android, iPhone or even an iPod touch, you can create your imaginative designs and even be able to share it to all of your friends on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter – even I did my own design (above), and shared it to my Twitter followers!

When creating your own design, you can even write in a little story that would go on the label of the bottle! It’s just so cute! Why not join in with the fun here as well? Tweet at me your designs and even tweet @treaclemoon_UK with your own designs to make sure everyone else can see what awesome designs you’ve made!

In 2015, Treaclemoon also partnered with BulliesOut. What an awesome cause right? They’re an amazing charity that provides assistance and information to individuals to enable all young people in our society to realise how important they are, and to realise their self-worth. Hear more about the project here!

If you’ve tried out the Treaclemoon range (and if you’ve even tried out their new app), pop me a comment or an e-mail or even a Tweet and let me know!

I’m always on the search for new awesome-ly smelling shower gels, so definitely get in touch with me if you’ve found a flavour that you think is the ultimate best!



*Disclaimer: I was super lucky to receive a bottle of The Honey Comb Secret Shower Gel sent to me by Treaclemoon for review; however, all views and opinions are honest and my own.*