My First: Natural Collection Nail Polish

My First: Natural Collection Nail Polish

Well this is my first “proper” blog post on my new blog. And wow, it actually feels quite different. When I originally started my other ‘beauty’ blog a few years ago, I was, and I was constantly buying new items, constantly reviewing beauty products and constantly blogging. Over the last couple of months though, I’ve been really busy with school work.

Nonetheless, I’m going to restart my ‘beauty’ blog once over.
Hopefully it’ll be as awesome as my other blog was.

Alright now…

I guess everyone started using nail polish when they were younger…maybe 9? 10? Year 7? I’m not really sure about that. Anyway, when I was young, I was such a keen pianist. I used to play every single day. Every half term, I would sit at the piano and just play random songs. I would ask my grandparents to listen. I would phone my auntie and tell them to listen…Because of this, well, maybe not entirely this. It wasn’t directly piano’s fault… Some pianists are able to play the piano beautifully, with their beautifully colored nails and have the occasional french manicures…

I, on the other hand, was the exact opposite – in terms of having beautifully colored nails.
I could never wear nail varnish.
I felt that whenever I put nail varnish on – pretending to be all grown up, and copying my mother – my nails grew so long and I’d have to constantly cut them – and I hated it. It hurt. No idea why it hurt, but to this day, I still have the image of when I was younger, and my mother would cut my nails and I’d cry. It’s weird, I’m sure, but still. Therefore, I never really put nail polish on. It just wasn’t my thing.

Another factor to why I didn’t wear nail varnish until I was around 14-15, was because whenever I practised the piano, I got so confused. I really did. I would look at the piano keys and my fingernails would give me a headache. Even if it was green nail varnish, black nail varnish, glittery nail varnish – whatever the design, or color, I would be so confused and I wouldn’t be able to play or concentrate on the music.

At some stage, I got rid of this ‘weird’ phase. Then I started to love playing the piano, with colored nails. My first ‘own’ nail polish was the Natural Collection ‘Baby Pink’ nail polish.
I wore it every half term, every different party, to loads of peoples weddings, and for some reason, even four years on, I still love this nail polish. Every couple of months, I’d go back out to the shops and buy another bottle of the same color.

(If you want to see what this nail polish looks like: It’s the third along in the picture aka the middle bottle)
Available from Boots (UK).
Uh, I do have more nail polish but I really really couldn’t be bothered to move thus why the rest didn’t get a chance to be photographed xD

The colour is calming, it’s vibrant, but it is discreet in so many other ways. It blends in, and works with other colors – so you could literally have different colored nails and it would look as if it was in an uniform color order with the rest.
The pink is just so different.
I’ve tried looking at other nail polish brands for this color, but somehow, I’ve just never really found a color that could quite match up to this one.

I really can’t get over the color. And my love for this particular bottle is almost creepy, and in many ways, it could be my ‘first love’ of nail polish.

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In the next couple of days, I’ll be blogging about this new ‘Benefit: They’re Real Mascara’ I’ve bought, along with some different nail polish ideas!

I’ll be posting more later! Catch up then!


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