Charles Worthington: Shampoo


Ah, now some of you, who know me personally, probably already know that I love my hair.

I have long hair. It’s straight and when I tie it up for ages, it goes a bit curly. I’m also a bit of an absolute nut when it comes to shampoo, and conditioner.

A few years ago, I was absolutely obsessed with Charles Worthington shampoo. This was back during the times of my secondary school life and I literally had nothing to worry about. I loved the way CW shampoo ALL OF THE SHAMPOOS FROM THE CHARLES WORTHINGTON RANGE smelled, and I loved the range because it actually worked for my hair.

However due to starting alevels and not having much time left to sort out my hair in general, my hair went bad and malnourished etc.
Boots, however, rekindled my love for Charles Worthington shampoo. I’m pretty sure everyone here right now is like uh, isn’t that a waste of time.
Oh my gosh, how wrong you must be. In many ways, CW is a premium hair brand. It is quite expensive, but not that expensive in comparison to some of the other hair brands out there.
Let’s just say CW hair products are really affordable and are definitely worth the price.

How the bottles look
The design of the bottles changed over the last year or so.
I don’t like the new bottle design.
Although I love the product and the content so much, the bottle design was an absolute let down for me. CW used to have a really hard high quality premium looking shampoo and conditioner bottle. But they changed it.
Now it looks like any other standard shampoo bottle, but this new design makes it really difficult to actually make the most of the shampoo. The bottle itself is not squeezie. In the shower it’s really difficult to use it because there isn’t anything you can do apart from try squeeze all the shampoo out of the bottle. It’s kind of a nightmare?

What works
CW have a huge range. I bought the straight the pink bottle because I liked the smell of it. Yes, I am a fool, I like to smell the shampoo before I use it because usually if it does not smell amazing the likelihood of me finishing the bottle is like zero.

I now use the pink bottle, and the orange bottle shine booster because when I went to the hairdressers last month, they complained saying my hair was dry blah blah blah. Oh how I’ve proved them wrong now!
My hair is nice and shiny now. As you can see from the picture above, I’ve used many shampoos before, and many conditioners, all of which I may blog about later on. CW is definitely a brand you could use every other time you wash your hair, or maybe just every week or so.

For what type of hair
They have a huge range of products to tame and nourish your hair.
They also have shampoo to protect your hair from UV light which is amazing! Pop into any boots stores or go online to see what they have on offer that would fit your requirements!


These two bottles of shampoo are definitely the two bottles I’ve loved using. They have a great smell, they work well, your hair doesn’t feel really greasy after a few days, and it makes loads of bubbles if that’s what you’re into.

Overall Rating:
Product 9/10
Design 4/10
Price Usually around £6 a bottle

Ah hope you enjoyed reading!


I’ve ordered a few beauty products such as lip balm, and along with some of the free samples I’ve gotten through the post, I will be blogging all about them soon! Get following to keep in the loop!


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