Bam, I went shopping

Alright so most of you will know me as a shopping freak. If I see something I want, I will definitely buy it. Well, actually, sometimes I wait for it to go out of fashion and forget about it, and then buy it, but most of the time I’m one of those people who shops around for bargains and then ends up buying more than the thing I had initially planned to buy, a shopaholic, but I’m controlled by the fact that I’m still studying so my time isn’t spent devoted to shopping…yet. Just wait til the summer holidays!

So yesterday I spent just over £30 in a number of shops.
I made the most out of the 3 for 2 bargains on make up from Superdrug, boots and then from Tescos because I wanted to buy all those magazines that had the really awesome free gifts with it!
Unfortunately I couldn’t find an Instyle magazine that had the red nail inc nail varnish so I guess I’ll just keep having a browse around until I find it!

Below is a picture of most of the things that I bought yesterday:


Not to worry guys, I will be writing a full description of everything that I purchased along with a full review of that item later on maybe tomorrow night/morning!

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Update: today is the 8th May
I went to claim my free starbucks: what happens when you reach the gold level on my starbucks rewards!
Ahhhhh! That acc means I’ve spent more than £300 at starbucks over the last year or so…#worrying


Visit theperfectdilemma and gigihearting to hear more about my personal experiences and why I love the drinks that Starbucks make! I love costa coffee too..if that makes you guys feel any better?

I’m going to get ready and post all my posts within the same hour, so hopefully you will catch them all at the same time!



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