OMG #totestlist, & partial Body Shop review






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Update: partial product review


Alright so last night I tried out the Aloe Night Soothing Cream, the Body Shop (was either £11 or £10 – will finalize this amount when I find my receipt).
So, when I walked into the body shop I knew that I wanted something from the Vitamin E range and something from the Aloe/Blueberry range. However I didn’t actually know what type of product I wanted. I then decided I didn’t want to smell of Aloe at school so the night cream would be perfect because Aloe has this soothing and delicate type of gist to it. It’s lovely if I have to be honest! It’s sweet and chirpy. I really does give you a calming vibe! It’s awesome.
I will be trying this out until the tub runs out and then providing you will a full in depth review.
However, all I can say right now, I can say that my face feels really warm and doesn’t feel dry at all! It’s the best really! Can’t really say more about it as I’ve only worn it over one night, but maybe I’ll write more about it soon!

Anyone else tried the other Body Shop ranges?

I still have to try this out too! #excited


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