Product review: Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Liqueur

So as promised, I’m going to write a full product review on the Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Liqueur. In many ways, this ‘lip liqueur’ is quite different from those I usually use. This lip product, another product by Rimmel that I purchased a few days ago, is more glossier. It is more vibrant, and stays for shiny on your lips for a longer period of time than perhaps the Lasting Finish Colour Rush (600 on fire) that I reviewed on my blog just a couple of days ago. [You can check out the post here:]







When I saw this lip gloss on the shelves in Superdrug last week, all I could say was OMG the packaging is so pretty! From the pictures above, I’m sure you can tell that I was quite fascinated by the fact that the container didn’t fit the usual ‘standard’  aesthetics of the lip gloss collections that other brands do. This one, was shaped…well…oddly. It had this type of diamond-look to it. I have so say, that is probably one of the reasons why I decided to buy it, and decided that I’d wait to buy the Kate Moss Lipstick for next time (I regret this, I wish I bought all of it then, so that I wouldn’t need to wait until the next time that I go out to go and try out the Kate Moss Lipstick and give it a really good review). I chose the colour ‘400 Big Bang’ as opposed to the other colours because I felt I wanted something vibrant on my lips. Something that would stand out, and look so amazing. Aha, well, actually all the lip products that I bought that day were pretty vibrant in itself.

Anyway, back to the point. I love the colour of this lip gloss. I love it. I really do. I can’t judge, or complain about the colour one bit! The design of the bottle has it so that when you retract the stick part of the lip gloss back into the container, it almost slides right back in! It was pretty awesome – awesome to the point that I started showing everyone on Facetime! – It really was a weird moment to me, but compared tp the No7 mascaras and the other lip glosses that I’ve tried out, none of them did that. Didn’t really see the point in it, but it’s an awesome design nonetheless.

Moreover, I had heard some pretty amazing reviews about this lip liqueur before I bought it. But then I had also heard about a few bad vibes and reviews about it – I still have no idea why! Many bbloggers out there were loving this Apocalips lip liqueur! Who wouldn’t?! It’s glossy, its cool, and its vibrant and long lasting – and doesn’t get on my teeth that easily – which is a HUGE plus for me considering sometimes I go out and forget to bring my mirror with me…when it’s just looking at reflections of myself in shop windows which is just quite…awkward.

Ah, that brings me up to another point. This Rimmel Product…the bottle, seems to give you a bit too much lip gloss on the stick at one time so you sometimes do end up with a splodge on your lips. Nonetheless, I guess you can always smooth it around, and make the most out of it – so it doesn’t make it too much of a negative aspect of the lip gloss…

For the price of this lip liqueur, it is of an amazing quality. I just love to look at my lips when I have this lip gloss on. I have to admit, the colour is really bold, and ‘out there’, but then if you’re going to wear lipstick and go out all the time, you might as well just give it a go and be that randomer who has awesome lip gloss.




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