Treacle Moon: OMG product review

Update: I have now added a “PR and Contact” page into my blog menu so you can contact me there if you want! Alternatively, you can tweet at me at @enngigi (like most of you have already been doing)!

So, over the past couple of weeks I’ve seen so many good reviews about the Treacle Moon bath and shower gel collection and so I thought hey! What…let’s just give it a go! So yesterday I went to Tesco and bought three bottles!

Buying the bottles
Well, the staff were almost certainly staring at me. I stood staring at the range of products for a good ten minutes before deciding to smell them first. I obviously couldn’t buy them all at once because well, that is heavy, and I’m a weakling.
I smelt them all and decided that I loved the vanilla and the cinnamon smell the most. So I smelt it even more, then popped them into my basket. I then didn’t know what other one I wanted. So I chose ice cream. Ice cream is like my default smell. Love it, and you can’t hate it so…





I’m blogging about the shower gel and bath gel because well, unlike the other products, you only need to try it out once before you can say something about it.

The Smell
Well, if words could describe would just be amazing it just smells so awesome! Even if you don’t go and buy it, smell it. I’ve never been too fond of smelling shower gel before but in this case it smells so good and feels so good too!

Ice cream shower gel
Smelt so amazingly awesome.
Actually smelt like ice cream and looked like vanilla and felt so good! The vanilla scrub definitely works too! I recommended it to my mum..and she complained that I didn’t get her some! So we will both be going back to Tesco to get some more later on this week! Can’t wait…I want the entire range!

It’s amazing.
The beautiful and fragrant and tasty smell just smells so good! I definitely had a good night sleep last night! I would definitely recommend it! It’ll be testing the cinnamon shower gel tonight!



4 thoughts on “Treacle Moon: OMG product review

  1. Kelly-Louise says:

    Want to try the body scrub! I love vanilla scented things! 🙂

    Could you ckeck out my blog and follow it on bloglovin? I will follow back!
    I have a new post everyday!

    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise


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