The NYC nail polish collection, available from Superdrug

I bought this nail polish a long long time ago, and if you know me well, you’ll notice that it is simply my go-to nail polish.





This nail polish is almost a midnight blue…but more of a denim version of that blue.
I get confused myself.

It’s a small cute bottle, and lasts a long time, once you apply it to your nails it barely chips and last perfectly for about a week and a half before you notice the first couple of chips. There isn’t much to say about nail polish. It smells like nail polish too guys!! Actually smells like an ester but hey.

The nail polish is smooth, and the brush is like a normal average brush, but when the nail polish is on the brush, it’s another story. It just acts more smoothly than the other brushes and it is just so much better than what I had expected before buying it.

The color goes with almost anything! Even my sixth form school uniform! What a drag that we aren’t allowed nail polish though so hahaha!

I would definitely recommend this nail polish to people who like to go out at night and perhaps pink isn’t their favorite color!



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