Alpro UK – Cute prize review & June giveaway!

The Alpro Company produces products which are a soya-based alternative to milk. I first came across this company in Sainsburys, and got confused when I was thinking “soya-based”…alternative…to milk. I was considering trying it, but then I thought to myself…wait, what happens when my tea tastes weird? Would I have to drink it all? Would it be a waste? Well, I bought the coconut and hazelnut drinks anyway. It was amazing, but then I forgot about it when I realised that you had to always put it in the fridge after opening it – which means well, you can’t really take it far without it being cold and hidden in the fridge…but that’s just me. I’m weird. I like milk and all my drinks (aside from coffee and tea…) to be cold. I like ice cream. Nice topic changer right? Anyway, after drinking the hazelnut drink, I fell in love with the brand itself. It’s yummy! Delicious! …anyway, I won a set of four little toppings for my yoghurt from Alpro UK. At first, I was thinking…should I just eat the dark chocolate topping by itself? And the raspberry toppings by themselves? I really did consider it, before I decided…well…I might as well go and buy the yoghurt with the 50p off voucher they included with the Signed For delivery of the toppings…


I almost beat the Cappuccinos I love at Starbucks… Obviously (well, in my opinion), soya-based alternatives to milk will never really be able to beat organic semi-skimmed milk…however, it is the second best thing. I’m not really one who likes to try new types of food because I always feel that I’m not going to like it, and then it might go to waste.






However, with this brand….I fell in love with it. I still buy soya-based alternatives despite not really being able to differentiate whether something has soya-stuff in it, or not. But either way, I love it. The packaging of the stuff I won was cute and amazingly…well…stylish! The little tubs were adorable, and the contents tasted yummy.

I would really recommend  you all trying the different toppings – you can get them from random shops…and putting them on top of the Alpro UK yoghurts. It’s delicious. Try it. Tell me how you guys feel about it!


Love, Natalie




One thought on “Alpro UK – Cute prize review & June giveaway!

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