Product review: Eyeko Eyeliner

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OKAY, so, this is the Eyeko Alexa Chung Black eyeliner that I will be blogging about today.

At first, I came across this eyeliner in the Glamour Magazine and thought: well, it’s Alexa Chung’s brand so it’ll be worth it to try it!






The eyeliner does stay on a long time and even when I was testing it on my arm, it took a while to rub it out: which is ideal for those who want to have a long lasting eyeliner in their bags during a night out.

The color is vibrant. I tried both the navy and the black Eyeko eyeliner, and I must admit that the black eyeliner stands out more compared to the navy.

It’s brush is so smooth that it actually feels pretty good against your eye when you are applying it.
However if you aren’t that experienced with using eyeliner, you might end up with needing to try out and practice using it before you actually need to go out because it kind of takes a bit of getting used to it.

However, I must admit that I’ve been through one eyeliner pen already and it has only been a month. Either it doesn’t last a long time, or it dries out quite quickly…I’m still unsure but it is definitely worth the try because it’s such a well known brand, and because the eyeliner is reasonably cheap, it’ll definitely be worth it!

Try it!


PS I will be including an Eyeko eyeliner in my July giveaway!




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