Product review: Naobay Body Radiance Lotion

Want to buy?

I’ve always been one to try out new things that smell extraordinarily nice and refreshing, thus why I tried out this new Naobay body radiance lotion.





The first thing I did was smell the lotion, it smelt pretty normal and sweet! But when I applied it onto my body, it smelt much sweeter and even more refreshing.

I could quite easily compare it to The Body Shop Body butters, and both would be equal, and it’d be a draw.
The Naobay is definitely a contender in terms of managing to successfully moisturise my skin.

You get some brands which feel oily and sticky after applying their lotion, but this brand was much different. It just felt warm and refreshing, so I’d definitely say I’d have to recommend it to you all.

I bought a few after trying it out, and then gave a few to my friends to try out too because I was seriously in the Naobay hype, just due to trying this lotion out!

Can’t wait to be able to try out more of this brand’s products!


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