The Start of Summer

The ending of exams meant that I was left at home, with absolutely nothing to do. I thought about it for a while, before deciding that I wanted to sell all of my stuff on eBay, which is mainly what I have been doing over the past couple days. I’ve also been promoting my online shop, where 10% of the profits go towards a charity of my choice at the end of each month. The rest of the profits I gain from making the cards, and the 400 little stars in a jar, will be funding my tickets abroad to volunteering placements that I will be committing myself to during the course of my Gap Year – which I will also be creating a page on my blog nearer the time!

I’ve also been wondering what other people have been doing, or have done during their gap year. If you have any really good ideas that you tried out during your gap year, please could you let me know? I really want to have a really good experience, whilst volunteering for different charities. Just comment on my blog below or e-mail me on, and let me know! I’m so interested in learning what other people have done during their gap year!

What I’m doing now is quite repetitive, however, it’s also quite time consuming. I’ve spent the past week after my exams looking after granddad, and making food for everyone else in my family. I’ve also spent a large amount of time blogging on Since Summer has only started and there is so much more to tell you guys all about…I’ve decided that I’ll create ‘The Summer Page’

The Summer Page

I will be creating a page (which I will link here when I actually get around to starting the page) that I will be using to update you all about my summer, and the events that I’ve gotten up to during the course of the next few months until September when I either go to University, or I start my gap  year! How exciting! I will also be including‘s summer to-do list that they created a few years ago, and will hopefully be able to complete all the bullet points on that list! We will see…it seems very difficult, and the list is around 90-100 bullet points long so I’ll definitely be very tired by the end of the summer…I actually hope that I manage to spend my summer wisely!

There is still so much left to this summer, and so many opportunities that you can encounter…go out, and go live your life. If you don’t, by the time summer ends, you will be thinking ‘wow, I wasted summer…I must be boring…’

Have fun guys!




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