Product review: Le Vernis Nail Polish 561 Suspicious

First impressions
This bottle of nail polish was my first ‘high end’ nail polish I guess. I’ve never really tried Chanel Nail Polish before, but quite a few of my friends, and beauty bloggers are really fond of the brand and the variety of colours that Chanel make.
Therefore, I decided to go out on a limb, and spend £18 this bottle of nail polish. I’ve never really considered spending more than ten pounds on a bottle of nail polish, and therefore I was quite skeptical on whether or not it would be worth my money, or my time going into central London to find a bottle of this Chanel nail polish.






The bottle
The bottle looks so posh, and pretty! It’s so complex – it has two lids! One is the Chanel square-ish shape lid, and then you get the inside mini-circular lid…it’s cute…it’s adorable…awwwwwwwwwwwww…
It obviously has the typical Chanel brand logo, which probably makes the bottle look so much more worthy – definitely something that convinced me to buying it in the end.

The colour
I love the colour ‘sexy pink’…and those colour shades that are common, yet so bright and original. I love bright orange and bright pink colours – they’re just so attractive on nails – but I probably wouldn’t wear bright orange eyeshadow…if you get what I mean.
The colour was really pretty, and as you can see in the pictures all over this blog post, I absolutely loved taking pictures of my nails! This is definitely the perfect colour for using when you are going to weddings, a night out, or if you just want to wear some nail polish to feel pretty!

The texture
Not really sure if what I’m calling texture, is actually what it is called. The bottle of nail polish seemed to be really watery – I’m not sure if that’s a result of me accidentally keeping it in the sunlight for too long – I left it on my bedroom windowsill when I was unpacking all my shopping goodies! Ah well, it usually should not be a result of sunlight, but you never know.
Regardless, aside from the fact that it was really liquid-y, it produced a really good coverage, and the brush was just so smooth, and it covered my nails so well!

The price
I’m not really sure on whether or not the nail polish was worth £18. I know for sure that you are paying more due to the fact that it is, of course, Chanel branded nail polish. It is really is an excellent coloured nail polish; I love the brush you use to apply the nail polish; I love the brand in general…but £18? Maybe.
I know you get probably get it cheaper in different department stores, or maybe some are more expensive, but it’s difficult to tell whether or not you are getting the real thing, and although it’s just your nails…well, I’m not sure. If you have the money, try it out for sure. If you don’t, Essie Nail Polishes are cheaper, and also have a good range of colours for you to have! I would definitely recommend both brands, but if you want the hot pink colour, I’d have to recommend the Chanel Le Vernis colours!

In conclusion, I love the brand, and I love the nail polish.
I would definitely recommend it…I want the blue one too now! #excited

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