Product Review: Toni & Guy Nourish Conditioner (Boots UK)

Alrighty, so a few weeks ago, I received this Boots voucher offering 200 points if I purchased any Toni and Guy product. Therefore, being the person I am, I decided to go for it. I ended up buying two Toni and Guy conditioners – I will be blogging about them separately because they are different…and one is leave in and one is the conditioner that you use when you shampoo your hair in the shower.

I’ve always been a really keen-o Toni and Guy shampoo person. I love buying different hair products for my hair – it’s the only thing I can actually guarantee works because you can read all the reviews, try it out once or twice, and you can see whether or not the outcome is what you think it is. So, I’ve tried Toni and Guy Shampoo and Conditioners before, but I’ve never really had the time to think about what difference it actually made to my hair because I was either a. On holiday. b. Well, I hadn’t started up my blog yet…so I’d soon forget the difference it makes until I try it out again (LIKE TODAY…) Wow, I’m seriously procrastinating.




The bottle
The bottle was actually really sturdy and looks really sleek and convenient. The bottle actually represents all of that. The bottle is easy to use, and it fits so easily into your bag/holiday bag so you can pack it quite easily too! It’s convenient to use, and the aesthetics of the bottle suits the brand nicely too. The bottle has this grey colour, and has bright writing over it so that it is easily recognisable.
However, one thing is that the shampoo and conditioner bottles look identical, aside from the fact that one is for your shampoo, and one is for conditioner. This really confuses people, and it actually confused me so many times. Some brands have different colours for their shampoo and different colours for their conditioner, and I’m sure that when Toni and Guy had their old packaging bottles, they also did the same – I think one was red, and one was white. Because of the fact that you could easily get the two bottles mixed up, you might end up buying two conditioners, or two shampoos – especially if the store staff had also gotten the two bottles mixed up…yeah…so, always read the packaging before you buy it because once you open it, unless it is faulty, you aren’t allowed to return it to the store!

Using the conditioner
The conditioner smells so good – it actually reminded me of all the times that I went on holiday => this is because whenever I went on holiday, I always used the travel size shampoos from Toni and Guy that I got from Boots UK too. I would usually go to Superdrug because I have 10% student discount, but not all the stores stock the travel size shampoos…cry…
The conditioner has this really watery texture – but it works in our favour. When you apply it onto your hair, it feels so smooth and silky. Even after you wash the conditioner out, you can actually feel that the texture and smoothness of your hair has changed! It’s brilliant. I love that silky feeling – its silky, but it isn’t greasy – so definitely the perfect combination.

In conclusion, I love this brand, and I love the conditioner. I will be trying out the shampoo after I finish using the bottles of shampoo that are currently scattered around my bathroom. The bottle of conditioner was actually really cheap – Just over £4 compared to it’s original price of something along the lines of just under £6 I think…I really can’t remember. If you haven’t tried Toni and Guy products before, hop along to one of the stores and buy it whilst it’s at its discounted price, and then you might even become addicted to using such brilliant products! They have different ranges for blonde hair, and for dry hair etc., so you can really pick the conditioner that you think suits your hair the most.



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