Product Review: Toni and Guy Leave In Conditioner

So, as you all already know, I love Toni and Guy hair products…and their services.

My first contact with Toni and Guy
I’ve previously had a hair cut once before at a Toni and Guy hair salon, and I loved every moment of it…aside from the fact that it was actually really expensive…

The conditioner itself aka the bottle
As you can see from the picture, it is a pretty hot looking tube of conditioner (to an extent, I’m kind of kidding)…it’s a pretty standard shaped bottle of conditioner. The bit that the conditioner is squeezed out of is pretty narrow. This ensures that you actually have control over how much you want to use. There are some brands of leave-in conditioners that have a really wide squeezy bit, and it just squeezes too much out – and what’s worse is that you don’t actually need it – and so you waste it, and waste your money, and then you think to yourself “uh, where do I put this?” This tube is epic. It squirts out the right amount of conditioner, and you can just squeeze more if you want more conditioner.

The Packaging
Well, the standard Toni and Guy Packaging. White. Easy to confuse with the other products, and well, I guess it’s just chic packaging. I can’t really say more than that. Sometimes the packaging helps the brand, and sometimes the brand is just awesome enough that I’m not even going to rate how confused you can get when trying to find that bottle in the entire range of those bottles…it’s like trying to find the red pencil in a pencilcase.




Does it work?
It works better if you put it in before you dry your hair though. It keeps the smell locked into your hair better, and it manages to cut down the time it takes for your hair to dry!
It makes your hair much much much smoother! It just replenishes your hair, and just hydrates it whilst you go about your everyday events! It smells good, and works well with everyone’s hair. It reduces frizz and stops your hair from drying out and prevents your hair from getting really greasy.

I LOVE TONI AND GUY product smells! They remind me of all my holidays, and I loved all my holidays! I love it. Love it. Love it. If you know me, or have read my previous blog posts, I deduce whether or not the product is good on the basis of how AWESOME it smells. This bottle of leave-in conditioner literally leaves the smell with you. It’s such a refreshing and memorable smell. Call me insane, but just go into the shops and have a go at smelling it. Trust me.

I got this bottle at a discounted price, and I got 200 advantage points with my purchase too!
For this brand, £3-4 is a reasonably awesome price to get this conditioner for.

You feed her like Sloth from Goonies!

BS, How I Met Your Mother

Well, to sum this all up, I love this leave-in conditioner. It works really well with the Toni and Guy Shampoo too! It’s pretty cute! Love it. It fits in your bag so you can bring it to everywhere you go – even if it’s like an overnight trip, or just popping out into Town.

I bought this from Boots UK (instore, at a discounted price of around £3.50 I think). I can’t remember the actual price – if you’re curious, just Tweet me/comment on this blog post and I’ll debate whether or not I want to walk upstairs and find all my shopping receipts! I promise I’m a tidy person! I promise…uhhhhhhhhhhhh…hi.

Best wishes,


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