Falling in love with Foyles


 So obviously, I’ve been to Foyles before – but I had always visited their Flagship store in Central London – and it had never occurred to me that there was a store in Westfield London (which is almost 30 minutes closer to me than their flagship store is)!

I walked in, and I fell in love. It was like being in a place where you are surrounded by books, and are surrounded by those people sitting on the little chairs and comfy sofas, and absolutely adore books. They could sit there for hours, and days, and just read. It’s cute! I love people who are so dedicated to the idea of books. Books are just so beautiful. If they could be humans, they would be our best friends.

They open our minds up to so many different ideas! So many different dreams, and just beautiful prospects in life.

So I originally had intended to go and visit the store to buy the Blogosphere Magazine – and if you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll be watching the excitement of me wondering across London trying to buy a copy. Unfortunately, the Foyles in Westfield Shepherd’s Bush/White City didn’t have the magazines…so I’ll be making another trip into Central to buy the magazine next week!

My trip to Foyles was made even better when I came across the book ‘Wreck This Journal’. I’d come across it on Amazon, but I got distracted and never got around to looking at it properly. Fortunately, me likey. &I’ll be buying one when I next get paid (mwhahaha)!

So if you ever have any free time, pop along to one of their stores, and just enjoy your time there!





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