My Westfield’s Paperchase Haul ’14

IMG_4159So, everyone who knows me well, and goes shopping with my regularly knows that I love Paperchase. I’m that person who would go into town, and my only aim would be to get something from Paperchase. I love Paperchase. And I love the fact I also get student discount from Paperchase. I like Paperchase…uhhhh, yeah I’ll stop there.

Because I love cups and having cups of tea at random times of the day, I decided that I wanted to buy some..well, mugs. I have never really considered buying cups from Paperchase before because by the time I get home, it’d be smashed because the tube isn’t that fun to go on during rush hour. Regardless, I decided to take a leap of..judgement? And I bought two mugs. They’re absolutely gorgeous, and I love them already.

The cups weren’t that expensive, but because I bought two, I think I’ll be waiting a while before I buy more cups! RRP £6 each. I’ll be posting more pictures of the cups on my Instagram @enngigi later this week!

I also bought a stamp, but I’ll be revealing that stamp later this Summer! Follow and keep your eyes glued on my blog to find out more!

I’ll definitely be saving the two cups for another special day!

Love, Natalie

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW: the Summer 2014 giveaway will be unleashed pretty soon! I’ve bought the goodies using my own money, and a sneak peak will be shown on my blog/twitter and instagram @enngigi later on this week! BE EXCITED! 



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