Urban Outfitters: Good Housekeeping, ‘Let’s Do Brunch’, ‘Bake Me A Cake’

‘Bake me a cake’, well that sounds like a few people I know…*no names…mwahah*

Alright, so as you should already know, I went to Westfields yesterday with some friends to watch a movie, and to do some insane shopping. I absolutely love making cupcakes, and cakes in general. Anything that involves the need to mix cake mix…I’m there. Since I’m two weeks into my summer holiday already, I thought that since I have so much free time, I might as well start doing some cooking! (If you follow me on Instagram, @enngigi, you’ll already know that I can make a mean spag bol, and noodles) – so I won’t be needing to learn those recipes! I bought these two recipe books simply because both are really small, and are therefore really easy to store, and bring on holiday with you – or even if you’re going off to uni next year!

They are really small, cute, and have an awful lot of recipes that will keep you busy busy busy for the next couple of months! And for £4.99, these ‘Good Housekeeping’ books are definitely worth the money! I will now be adventuring on, and making ‘brunch’ and different flavored cakes! I absolutely love making the different icings and different fillings for cakes, and this will be no different. New experiences = more cupcakes = more baking! Score for me…and score for everyone around me who always steals my cupcakes to eat.

I’ll be trying out the Brunch and cake recipes in the next couple of days – so keep your eyes peeled on my social networking sites so you can catch up on what I get up to, aside from blogging! @enngigi…. Only a few days left until my giveaway closes! Next month’s giveaway will include KIKO COSMETICS!

WOO! http://theperfectdilemma.wordpress.com/2014/06/30/win-a-perfect-dilemma-june-beauty-giveaway/ Follow ennkake.wordpress.com for some of my own, and some of my copied and altered recipes! Best, Natalie


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