Product Review: KIKO Makeup Milano: Nail Lacquer 11ml

As promised, today’s blog post will be about KIKO cosmetic’s Nail Lacquer. Having wanted to buy some of their nail polishes for AGES now, I was literally ecstatic when I came across it in Westfield. I had been so tempted to order it online, but I realised that there was some sort of minimum order/spending that you had to qualify for before you could even get hold of their nail polishes…and I really had no clue as to whether or not I wanted to spend that much just to qualify for delivery. Luckily, I was able to visit this store in Westfield before I ended up spending…loads online! (Haha, I did end up spending loads in-store though so…)

So, I went on a Kiko Cosmetics haul…and ended up with six different nail polishes, one eye shadow palette, and a lip-gloss! Just for £20.80…which I thought was a bargain as I know that the brand itself appreciates that everyone wants high quality, for an affordable price. Luckily enough, Kiko just fits all the requirements that teenagers, and all girls want!

With nail polishes costing £2.50, and eye shadow costing just under £3, and the lip-gloss costing under £4, I was just so happy! I could actually go on a make-up haul, and not run away because of the prices! I’ll be blogging about the different shades of nail polishes separately because otherwise I won’t be able to show you all what different colours I’ve purchased because well…I can only really wear one shade at a time…

photo 1 photo 2

The Colour

Alrighteo…moving onto some of my purchases, I’m not too sure what the actual shade of the color is called, but the number by the barcode says ‘343’, so I’m just going to assume that that is the code for each colour! This colour is just so pretty. It’s really vibrant, and it just suits any kind of outfit that you wear. No matter what type of design you want to add to your nail polish, this green-sea colour just suits anything! It’s amazing. The consistency of the nail polish solution is absolutely amazing. It isn’t too thick, and it isn’t watery. It’s perfect. For this price, I didn’t expect a bottle of nail polish to be this good – but it actually exceeded my expectations! Fab!

The Brush Thing..

The brush is thick, but is also really useful because it manages to cover your entire nail at just a few strokes! – I could easily say that this brush is better than my Chanel Nail Polish – that I purchased a few blog posts ago: you can read about it here:

I would really recommend this nail polish to all of you. It’s just amazingly pretty and definitely worth the money! I will also be including a Kiko Nail Polish (maybe two…or three) in my giveaway so watch out and make sure you make the most out of all your entries!


Best wishes,


PS: I hope you all love the new blog layout! I couldn’t decide which colour so orange will have to do for now!


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