Product Review: Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden: Body Butter

So on Saturday, I received a little package from Sanctuary Spa – totally unexpected! It was such a cute surprise. They sent me a 50ml Body Butter…and having never really owned anything from them before, I was so excited to try it out!

image_4 image_5

This body butter just smells absolutely delicious! It’s got this unique sweetness and buttery-ness smell to it! It’s overwhelming, and just makes you want to just go all out and smell it even more! The consistency of the cream is just smooth, and delicate. It makes you want to use the body butter really wisely if I’m honest with you.

The little tub that contained the body butter was just so cute. It was orange! Cute and orange! [Like my current blog background (12/07/2014)] It’s just such a handy size and it can fit into your bag and just look like it belongs!

Rating: 10/10..I love it. This is definitely the best body butter I’ve tried so far!




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