Product Review: Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

I haven’t really blogged much about Lip Balms before. I was walking around Holland and Barrett’s whilst I was waiting for my friends to pay a visit to McDonald’s…and I saw this 2 for £5 lip balm offer…and I looked down, and I literally couldn’t believe it. I WAS FINALLY GOING TO GET MY HANDS ON THIS. I had previously looked for Burt’s Bees in Boots, but they had always ran out of stock, or the person before me had managed to nab it before I did – and I never got the chance to buy it. They sell out from my local shops really quickly because everyone loves them 😀

So I finally managed to get my hands onto these lip balms. It sounds really odd, but the last time I had purchased stuff from Burt’s Bees, I literally wrote a list of stuff I wanted to purchase from their online shop, and then I just totally forgot about putting it into my basket…so I had to rely on going to the shops, because there was just no other way that I was able to order loads of stuff and get free shipping again…

Anyway, enough with the back story…

image image_1

I got these lip balms priced at 2 for £5. Since they’re usually around £3.69…I thought that this was actually such a bargain. So obviously, I bought two. Score. I bought the Pomegranate Oil, and the Mango Butter lip balms because those two just seemed much more pretty and I just imagined that they would smell nice! Result? THEY DID SMELL AWESOME. (Hehe, you can also see my brand new HEMA cups in the second picture too!)

  • Mango: Nourishing
  • Pomegranate: Replenishing

These lip balms provide so much moisture to your lips! It sounds really weird, but they really do hydrate them. It’s makes your lips slightly coloured, and it just looks as if your lips have so much more brightness and colourfulness to it! It’s just gorgeous.

Obviously when you look for lip balm, you want to have a lip balm that is of high quality moisture balm, and you want a lovely smelling lip balm all embedded into one. Burt’s Bees has succeeded in doing this. I love this lip balm, and it is a definite “recommend to friends” item because it’s just perfect for your lips, and will definitely be a great ‘must have’ for your bag during the Summer break.

Out of the two however, I would have to say that the mango lip balm does smell better, but the Pomegranate oil lip balm has more colour to it, and so it makes your lips look much more vibrant. Love it. 


Rating: 10/10.

Available from most high street retailers such as Holland and Barrett & Boots UK, and on their online website:


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