Beauty Box: Glamour Beauty Edit (July 2014)



I’ve been wanting to blog about the ‘The Glamour Beauty Edit’ box for over a month now. I had originally clicked up for the option to get an email when these boxes could be ordered. So, when that time came, I rushed around the house, found my purse, and ordered it! I also used the 10% discount, and got free shipping [P&P] which worked out for me…mwhaha. Price: £16.95. Total value: £86.15


I was so happy to see this lipstick! I had seen loads of beauty bloggers blogging about this on their blogs…and I was like I WANT THAT. But it wasn’t available in-store yet, so I was just sitting there sulking because I couldn’t get my hands on it yet. But then it was in the box so: RESULT! Glamour’s beauty director Alessandra Steinherr had personally recommended it, and put it into the beauty box this summer…making it one of the most exciting lipsticks I wanted to try out! This Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick is just absolutely gorgeous. They have a range of 7 colours, and it just suits any skin colour, and just makes your lips look fabulous. They are quite shiny, and have this mature colour that makes you look really professional, and can go with absolutely any look! It has a moisturizing formula that makes the lipstick feel really smooth and delicate, which makes wearing lipstick much easier because you won’t feel as if you have cracked lips.


Mwhaha! This was probably one of the few Toni and Guy hair products I hadn’t really looked for in stores, or online before because I just hadn’t really seen an occasion where I would need to use it in the first place. Nonetheless, I made a day out of it..I’ll be uploading some pictures on Instagram of the days when I’ve been using it…(follow me on @enngigi on both Instagram and Twitter). It’s just a really nice smelling, volume pumping whip. It works really well if you curl your hair, or if you use hair straighteners and curlers to sort your hair out in the morning. Since I don’t use either, and I just use a hairdryer in the mornings, I made an occasion of curling my hair for the weekend. and well, I think that it did actually go quite well. It worked, and smells nice. However, I still had to use a bit of hairspray to make sure that everything stayed curly…I’m not sure if I used it correctly, but as far as I’m aware…yeah, it’s a good product, and I’d recommend it to people who really love Toni & Guy Products!


Crabtree and Evelyn, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I literally was over the moon when I received this. C&E’s beauty products are just absolutely amazing. The colours of their nail polishes and the different types of handcare products are just amazing. I literally see this brand everywhere I go! (I even saw some of their handcare products in TK Maxx!) A few months ago, I had never even heard of this brand, but now, it’s my favourite thing. Because I’m quite obsessed with this brand, I’ve decided I’m going to write about this nail polish in a separate blog post – so check it out later this week! 😉


My friend actually really wanted this, so when she came over to mine, I offered it to her. She will be helping me writing a guest blog post about it later on this month! (I’ll be adding the link onto this post when the blogpost publishes!)


Because this is yet again, another fab Bourjois Product, I’m going to be dedicating a blog post to this Cream Blush later this month! (I will be adding the link onto this blog caption when I get around to publishing that blog post)

I’ve decided that I will be blogging about some of these beauty products in a separate post – all by themselves because some of them are just absolutely awesome!

There are a few of the items in the Glamour Beauty Box that I wasn’t really able to blog about: such as the:

  • Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan BB Skin Perfector
  • Velvotan The Original Tanning Mit
  • Magnifibres Brush-on False Lashes

because I’m not a huge fan of tanning…I wish I really could tell you why this is, but I’m just not really that sure. My skin colour is quite medium-colored, and so it looks really weird when I tan. I can tan accidently – like staying out in the sun too long without using sun cream…uh.

There are also a few other items that I’ll DEFINITELY be blogging about separately because I used them on the day of my Littlehampton adventure! For example, I will be blogging about the Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection Ultra Radiance Sun Lotion SPF30, and the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (Spoiler: OMG THIS BOTTLE IS JUST SO AMAZING. IT WORKS MIRACLES…)

In conclusion, this Beauty Box was everything that I wanted. I think it was definitely great value for money, and it’s just brilliant to have. You get to test everything before you buy the big real bottles, and you’ll already know what type of items suit you! One sad point though, I wish they had more hair products in the beauty box! Imagine shampoo and the conditioners I could be able to try out before I buy them! Luxury. Anyhow, I loved this beauty box, and I might even buy another Latest in Beauty Beauty Box when payday arrives.

Hope you’re all having a really hot day, and have an epic weekend. I have scheduled some posts to post when I’m out to Nottingham and Leicester this weekend – or you can even keep updated by following me on Instagram and Twitter @enngigi!




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