New Look mini-Haul (Part One)

So despite me going out every single day for the past couple of weeks, becoming quite broke, I decided to go into town with mum…and I stumbled across New Look and their sales aisles…Yeah I spent too much.


I don’t usually visit New Look that often. There are so many reasons why:
•I usually just shop on their online store because they have so much more variety!
•ASOS stocks some of their clothes, and they always seem to offer some sort of free shipping
•New Look is so much further away from the bus stop I usually get off at than the other shops are…

How much did I spend? Only £18. Which I thought was quite good considering that usually one item costs around £18 if it wasn’t on sale. Go sales!

Crop top: £4
Blue Hey! Top: £5
Jogging bottoms: £9

The two tops were from their kids/teens department. I don’t know why I went over to that end of the store, but they just have more interesting items on sale there. The women’s department have plain items on sale, and it’s more difficult to find items on sale because loads of people are usually there and it’s just crowded!
Anyway, my original goal to go shopping was to find a pair of nice flat shoes to wear during the summer, and also to get a pair of sandals. I didn’t manage to do either…

Anyway, now I don’t need to go and wash my clothes for my weekend trip to Nottingham and Leicester tomorrow!



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