Hema Cup Spreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


If I have to be honest with you, I’m not really sure if this is a haul as such. It was more of, ‘I have three members in my family…I buy three cups’. As most of you may already know, I went to Littlehampton last week with a few of my friends. On our way back, we decided we didn’t want to join all the people on the train during the Tuesday rush-hour…and so we decided to stop at the Victoria Centre (I’m not sure if that’s what is actually called…hmm…anyway, it was connected to Victoria Station). We walked past HEMA, and we all thought it looked like a Tiger store – which sells really good quality items, for a good value price. So obviously we walked in, and OMG it was like entering a stationary and homewares heaven. Then we wondered further into the shop and found the make up aisle…and then the nail polish aisle. THEY LET YOU PAINT YOUR NAILS TOO. I lie on that fact…they let you test out the nail polish colours but I had already painted my nails the day before so it didn’t really make sense for me to try out the new nail colours did it? Nope.

Moving on…I saw the cups in the above on my way into the store. It looked just so ‘chic’ and picture perfect! They are plastic, so I probably wouldn’t recommend using them for your usual hot drink, but for milkshakes, and ice cream? Yeah, definitely. The cups are light, and for £2 per cup, you could just use them on picnics, and just bring them out of the cupboards whenever you want to use them.


I love this shop.



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