Product Review: Mango Shower Gel

When I packed for Nottingham, I wasn’t really sure how many days I was going to be staying there, where I’d be staying or whether I’d be home on the same day. So I packed ‘light’ because it just seemed easier and I could buy most of the stuff I’d need, when I was in Leicester and Nottingham.
The first thing that popped into my mind was: what stuff should I bring? Obviously I bought my nearly-finished bottle of Schwarskof Ultimate Shine shampoo. I figured that there was only a few washes left in the bottle, and if I finished it, I’d just be able to chuck the bottle away and I wouldn’t need to have to pack it into my bag again…

Anyway, the main aim of this blog post was to write about the Body Shop shower gel. A few weeks ago, I started the giveaway giving away a The Body Shop Shower Gift set…and congrats to the winner! Anyway, a few days ago, I bought myself the mango gift set. I’ve never really liked eating mangos because I’m a tad too weak to want to carry it home from the market! And I can’t ever decide whether or not something is raw or whether the mango is ready to eat- so I usually just let my parents cut it up and decide!


So the mango business was a bit spontaneous, and as it turns out: I didn’t really need to worry. Because you can’t really go and smell the shower gel in the set before you buy it, the moment I walked out of the shop, I smelt it. Mwhahah! It was delicious. I sounds like I’m eating it? Anyway, it smelt awesome. I even went back in a bought a few more! Fab. It feels really nice and gel-like on your skin, and just smells awesome even after you’ve washed! Fab. Just. I love it. I think they aren’t as popular in stores now, that, or they’ve run out and don’t stock them in many stores anymore 😦 but if you see one, I’d defo recommend you buying it. Smells like real mangos!

Best wishes,

PS: another giveaway will be unleashed soon! Follow to keep updated!!


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