The Train Trip to Littlehampton: The Journey

Why did we go to Littlehampton?

Just under a week ago, my friends and I went to Littlehampton for our little ‘beach break’. If you’re too lazy to read the rest of my blog post, I could easily sum it up for you as: it was amazing. It was more of a post-exam beach break that we had been planning for a good few weeks, but took a bit of effort trying to get everything together, book the train tickets, then find a way of getting into Victoria during the rush hour. Anyway, it was definitely worth the effort.

We chose Littlehampton because it was a place that my friend has previously visited before, and through her recommendation, we decided that, well, it would be awesome to go to the Beach. It was a sunny day – so we were lucky because it’s ALWAYS raining in the UK. Also, the tickets were quite ‘cheap’ since it was the off-peak tickets! The kids in school still hadn’t broken up for the Summer Holidays yet so…yaaaaaay! Cheap tickets…mwhaha. Good time to have an adventure correct?

image_1 image_3

Getting to Littlehampton

I guess we are those people who like to get to a place really early because we don’t want to miss the train, have to pay for another set of tickets, or have to replan our entire trip. Regardless, we got there about an hour early so we wouldn’t miss our train. We actually took the Met line up to Finchley Road, and then took the Jubilee Line to Green Park and the Victoria line to Victoria. There weren’t that many people on the same train was us because we had just missed the rush hour by about 30 minutes or so…well, actually. We set off during rush hour, and by the time we had reached Victoria, rush hour had already passed, and we were just setting off, planning in our heads what we could do on the train ride there.

We had booked our tickets a few days back, and it was £48 for 3 people, travelling from Victoria to Littlehampton via Southern trains with no interchanges, and then travelling from Littlehampton to Barnham, and Barnham back to Victoria (so 1 interchange), and then back home. For £16, this was actually a really good price to pay to be able to train to Sussex.

Before we even boarded the train, we visited so many shops: Boots UK, Pret…Holland and Barrett (where I got my Burt’s Bees Lip Balm: Our train was scheduled to leave at 10.40-ish, so we decided that buying lunch and eating lunch on the train was probably a better idea than getting to Littlehampton, and then eating (since it actually saved a lot of time). Our train back to London leaving at 4-ish meant that we would have to set back to the train station at around 3.30pm, otherwise we might end up missing the train and then we’d be stuck in Littlehampton until much later on… If you followed me on Twitter, you probably found out that I had this really delicious Sushi pot that I grabbed from Boots UK (and I also got a No 7 beauty voucher which I’ll be using to pay for some of my cosmetics I’ll be blogging about later this month). Anyway, I had a cupcake, sushi pot, and a fruit pot for £4. I thought that it was ridiculously expensive, but I liked it so I guess that cancels out the expensiveness of my lunch considering I didn’t get a drink or a meal deal for lunch. Lunch cost: Boots UK, £4.00

I got a cup of tea from Caffe Nero before we boarded the train because I was feeling quite sleepy having gone to work early that morning, before joining my friends. Cost of English Breakfast Tea from Caffe Nero, Victoria Station: £1.75. I loved the tea there. Own brand = I love.

The Train

The train journey wasn’t actually that long. It was just under 2 hours, and we just had so much fun just having a chat about life, school, and what else we might do during our summer breaks. We went though a lot of different towns that I’d never actually heard of before, which was quite interesting. We took a few pictures of the platforms, which was quite fun because the train kept moving (obviously…). We have quite a few good pictures of motion pictures I suppose… Haha. The train wasn’t as comfy as I had previously imagined? It was quite good though, smooth and wasn’t delayed at all.

When we arrived, we were actually so hyped up, and excited! We just couldn’t wait to embark on our little beach trip! YAYYYYYYYYY. I’ll be posting the Part 2: Littlehampton Itself later on…I’ll pop the link up on here.

SO far: total costs:

  • £1.50 to get to Victoria
  • £16.00 Train Fare To Littlehampton (Return Journey)
  • £4.00 Boots UK Lunch
  • £1.75 The Yummy Caffe Nero Tea.

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