Product Review: Hawaiian Tropic Protective Sun Lotion SPF 30


Just before the summer holiday started, I received a tiny sample sachet of the Sun Lotion and was just so amazed at how nice the sun cream smelt, however, I almost forgot about it as I couldn’t find it in the shops at that time. But then having ordered the amazing Glamour Beauty Edit Box a few weeks ago, I was so happy to see that inside was one of the products that I absolutely adored: the Hawaiian Tropic Protective Sun Lotion that I had tried out only a few weeks before. In fact, I was so happy and satisfied having used it for a couple of days, that I went out and bought a couple more bottles incase they ran out of stock since it was a pretty good product, and was a sunscreen that was actually worth the money. Me buying more = your first hint about how much I love this product.

I wasn’t actually sure whether or not I wanted to use this sun lotion at first when I first came across the sachet of sun lotion through the post. It looked really basic and had this weird orange packaging. It made the item really odd looking. However, I smelt it, and if you follow my blog, you’ll realise that I’m such a smell-lover. If something smells wonderful, I want it. Goes without saying. The smell is just really sweet, and fabulous.

I took this bottle on my trip to Littlehampton, not having smelt it at first. But since it was really sunny, I thought that I should actually use some sun lotion because I didn’t want to burn like toast. No regrets. Definitely no regrets. It wasn’t VERY sunny, but it was just sunny to the point that I thought I actually needed to apply the cream – and I seriously didn’t want to get burned as we all know that being burnt is really not a good look. The texture of the lotion is reasonably thin, so I had to apply a few more layers because I wasn’t sure how much it would protect my skin. It was worth it. I didn’t burn! YAY!


This suncream probably doesn’t have one of the highest SPF’s available out there so if you have kids that will be spending their afternoons trying to absorb all the sun’s rays, I’d have to recommend something stronger (something with a higher SPF).

This sun lotion would probably be most suitable for young adults who are going to be walking in and out of shopping malls, and just walking to the car etc. Although it is SPF 30, it can protect you from most of the sun but long exposure would probably not be the best idea with this sun lotion. If you are willing to constantly re-apply this sun lotion, go for it. But don’t forget to! Don’t want to be burned!


£12.60 for 200ml (Edit 27/06/15: You can now get the 100ml version on Hawaiian Tropic’s website for £2.99 – they are offering 50% off right now so why not try it out as well?)

I would actually say that this sun lotion is actually really expensive for just 200ml, but a lot of high street stores are doing huge discounts so get your hands on this suncream now to try it out. However, if you have children that don’t like the smell of sun lotion, simply because the smell of normal suncream just so intoxicating, I would definitely recommend this to you (but definitely be sure to apply a few layers of the suncream throughout the day to prevent any sunburn since it has quite a light texture to it). It has a great smell, and I can assure you that your kids would definitely want to wear some more sun lotion after.

Want it? Get it for sure.

The 200ml bottle is available from a few high street stores, and you can also get the sun cream on Hawaiian Tropic’s website! (Note: the prices might vary from the time that this blog post was originally written…)

If you’ve tried it, what do you think about it? Comment down below to let me know what you think about it!


(Edit 27/06/15: One year on, I have found that this sun lotion has worked really well for me. It has allowed me to tan without burning my skin! What a result! Since I bought the 100ml bottle, this sun cream has made it travel friendly – so this means I can bring it in my hand luggage when I go on my travels this summer! When I get around to looking for some more travel friendly items in the high street stores/online, I’ll also be purchasing some sort of after sun care so watch this space!)

Note: I’ve also just purchased the Hawaiian Tropic After Sun 200ml so be sure to subscribe to be updated!


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