The Train Trip to Littlehampton: The Beach


If you haven’t read my previous blog post about my train trip to Littlehampton, click on the link here ->

So having had quite a relaxing journey to West Sussex – which is where Littlehampton is – and I didn’t actually know this until we looked at a map when we arrived. We got out the train station – the people there were really polite – quite a surprise since in London everyone just rushes around. We got lost a few times, but then we eventually managed to find our way down to the beach. We could actually smell the salty water of the sea. It was bliss. We knew we were going to the beach, but I don’t think we actually realised we were ‘going’ to the beach until we got there.

I have to say, it was a really exciting experience. I had never actually gone to the beach with friends before. It just wasn’t anything anyone else had time for in the past, and well, being a student got in the way of life I suppose.

So after a very very long photoshoot, we found a place at the end of the beach. We had originally intended to find a bit where there was a lot of sand – so that one of my friends and I could actually build a sandcastle. Anyway, we walked to a less populated part of the beach, and settled down. We were in the middle of an older guy, who seemed really prepared – with the deck chairs, the hats, the washing his face in the water attitude. On the other side, we had an elderly couple who were just sitting in their deck chairs near their little huts. It was quite quiet, and just what we wanted. It was pretty epic. Everyone just seemed so relaxed – it was just weird. There were quite a few school children with their schools, but they were on the other side of the beach so it was pretty quiet. Insanely quiet!

We sunbathed for a while, and then had a chat, and then took selfies, and a few pictures of the beach. Amazing times! The beach was absolutely gorgeous! So blue and I loved the colourful-ness of the sheds! The entire row of them!

I guess that’s it for the journey and the beach in Littlehampton! I’ll be blogging about some of my best-buys later! Follow to be kept in the looooooop!



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