Leicester Paperchase Haul – July 2014


If you know me personally, you’ll know that I’m a stationery lover. If I see a good bargain, I buy it. If I don’t end up using it, I’ll probably give it to someone so they have can fun loving stationery too! Anyway, as I was going to the House of Fraser Outlet in Leicester, I decided that I wanted to find some nice stuff as present back-ups incase I run out of ideas as to what presents I could give to my friends. Nonetheless, I got my hands on these really cute products from Paperchase.

My previous blog post about Paperchase: https://enngigi.wordpress.com/2014/07/10/my-westfields-paperchase-haul-14/

These were all from the Sale Section of the store – which is usually nearer the back of the store’s in London.

What did I get?

  • iPhone 5 stickers for my phone

These stickers look adorable. They have this really cute hint to it, and it caught my mum’s eye when we were looking at the stuff in the store. I bought like four of them because they just looked so good and since they were from Paperchase, you can already assume that they would work really well! Hehe! 

  • Oyster card holders (really useful for people living in London)

I love being a Londoner. I have a collection of oyster card holders that I use whenever I go out! I used to have a few Cath Kidson Oyster Card cases, but since I’ve banned myself from buying more stuff online, and I haven’t been in the outlets for a long long time (NOTE TO SELF: I need to go to Bicester now…), all of my oyster card covers have gotten a bit smashed so…yeah. They’ve been roughed up a bit so I’m just going to start using these bright orange oyster card cases now! Hehe! I bought four. I’ll probably have to end up giving up a few to my friends and family because they’ll definitely fall in love with it. But anyway, they are amazingly cute! Hehe!

  • Wrapping paper

50p for a roll of wrapping paper that is adorable? Uhm, I don’t really need to say anymore.

  • 2 really cool stamps

If you’ve seen my other blog posts, you’ll know that I saw a ‘Be Mine’ stamp – that I ended up buying too. These two go with my ‘Be Mine’ stamp so now I have a collection! Can’t wait to use them for my cards!

Ah, hope you enjoyed reading! If you happen to pop into Paperchase stores, let me know what you can find!




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