New Look mini-Haul (Part Two)

Shopping in Nottingham & Leicester
We are what we are. We (well, I mean ‘I’) went shopping again. Because it’s getting really hot this summer, I decided I might as well buy a few t-shirts from the generation 915 aka teen sale in New Look. Since I fit in those t-shirts anyway, I thought I might as well invest a little and buy a few/a lot of tops for the summer! – I actually ended up with a new pair of PJ’s, 6 tops, 2 shirts, and a jumper = YAY. I think the shops are having some sort of pre-summer sale? Everything seems to have discounts, even if they are still in season. I don’t think I’ll be taking more pictures of the clothes I bought, I’ll take them when I get around to wearing the new stuff.

But here’s a picture of some really pretty petals from the flowers that my Uncle gave us! The plants he gave us are just so awesome and smell awesome! They look so fake, but they are SO real!


I’m actually quite happy with my shopping spree this weekend. I spent a lot, yeah, but at least I won’t feel the need or the desperate need actually, to go shopping until September! I’ve made it my mission to not go out and buy loads of stuff from eBay and online shops just because I have student discounts because I’ll probably end up with so much stuff that I won’t ever need. Actually, comes to think of it, if I do that, it means I can be even more lazy and procrastinate literally for the rest of the summer! #Yolo (Sorry guys.)

I haven’t really decided what type of stuff I will be up to for the rest of the summer because I actually feel that I’ve done quite a lot already, and I kind of miss staying at home nowadays.
I want to stay at home more often…I miss being able to sit at home and simply do nothing just because I can. I mean, it’s summer time now, I want to be able to sit at home and enjoy a little picnic in the garden! Love those type of moments…is anyone for joining me?



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