Blogosphere Magazine: Editions 1, 2 & 3

I think I first came across the Blogosphere magazines when I was reading through Fleur de Force’s blog. I had never heard of this magazine before, and because you can’t get hold of them in the local supermarkets and newsagents, I just had no idea what it was! After asking (on Tweeting) around on Twitter, and then looking them up on Google, I popped down to my closest Foyles Bookstore in Shepherd’s Bush (Westfield West London). Sadly, they didn’t have it in store because they don’t stock magazines in this Foyles – they only sell the magazines in their flagship store in Central London – aka Charing Cross Road.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

I eventually made my way up to the Flagship store in Central near Oxford Street and found all the first three editions of the Blogosphere magazines. They were so tidy-looking on the self – I actually didn’t really know where to look at first because I hadn’t been in Foyles in…well, a while. Anyway, they were £12 altogether (£4 for each edition, 3 editions available at the time). I think that there was a fourth edition that was published, but I think I visited the store before it was released.

This magazine is absolutely amazing! It has this weird ‘CARRY ON READING ME’ vibe to it. I love it. It has such as range of articles about different type of lifestyle and beauty bloggers like Essie Button, Fleur de Force, Lina Rahman (Make up to make out) and soooo many more! Obviously the four editions don’t cover all the beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers out there, but it’s a really good start to it – I can’t wait for all the rest of the editions! They’ll end up having so many editions of the Blogosphere magazine and you can already tell that they’ll have all the best bloggers out there all in their beautiful magazines! Hehe!

I absolutely love these magazines – they have such a ‘be addicted to me’ feeling about all of them. Simply by looking at the cover of the magazine, you can tell that it is of such a well, high quality magazine! The cover is just so sleek and the quality of the paper just makes it feel so high tech and smooth. Can’t get over it.

They have so many different articles about sooo many different bloggers! They even have loads of articles about food bloggers – my favourite because I LOVE FOOD. Well, who doesn’t love food…hmmmmm….

They even have tips from successful bloggers on how to blog. They tell you back stories, and reasons why they started their blog! It’s everything a blogger wants to read. Trust me. Go take a read!

Pop into a Foyles store soon and pick up your copy now!




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