Product Review: Nails Inc Mercer Street Gel Effect Nail Polish

So a few days ago, I ordered some Nails Inc Nail Polish off the Nails Inc website. I’m probably going to review one Nails Inc nail polish a week until I run out of nail polishes to blog about – which probably will take ages if I have to be honest with you all…


I ordered quite a lot of nail polishes because I love nail polishes. If you look back at my previous blog posts all you’ll see is nail polish after nail polish. After trying out the Chanel Le Vernis Nail Polishes, I found that I love having the Hot Pink type of shades of pink on my nails, and after trailing the Kiko Cosmetics Dark Blue Nail polish I wrote about a few days ago – which I have been wearing ever since, I found that although some shades within a brand’s nail polish may be awesome, sometimes it doesn’t really suit my skin tone, and therefore I don’t find that it suits me…and then I dislike the colour if it doesn’t suit me. You might find that some of the colours that I might not happen to like may actually suit your skin colour, and therefore look awesome. If so, show me a picture of your nails (can e-mail to, tweet to me on @enngigi on twitter or even just comment on the blog post below, and I can link my readers to your blog at the bottom of my blog post! I look forward to hearing about what you guys think about it.


photo 1

Trying Gel Effect

Anyway, on to the Nails Inc Nail Polishes. A few days ago, I was still addicted to using the Kiko Cosmetics Nail Polish that I bought a few weeks back in Westfield Shepherd’s Bush. I still love the colour. Can’t get over it! When my Nails Inc delivery arrived, I decided to trial the nail polishes as I opened the package, and the Mercer Street Gel Effect Nail Polish was the first that I opened. I have to admit, the colour looks so might brighter on their website, and the Mercer Street looked darker in person.

The nail polish was actually so shiny! Hehe! I love it. On the bottle (you can see from the picture), it says that you don’t need UV, and it has plasticiser technology which I think is awesome for nail polish. I get really obsessed with the chemicals behind nail polish because I want to study Chemistry at university (not just me being weird…). But I don’t think I’ve ever come across nail polish that is THIS glossy before.

photo 2


Although the colour wasn’t as bright as what the picture was like on the screen, it was still SO SO SO PRETTY. Look at the pictures above and below and you can see how in love I am with this colour. It’s almost like a sky blue colour which is absolutely amazing. I don’t think other brands do this exact shade so it’s such a lovely colour! YAY!


I bought the Barry M Gelly Nail Polish – which I will be trying out next week too. And I think that that colour is slightly more gel-like. It’s just a lot shinier than the Nails Inc one (Mercer Street). The Nail Polish was really smooth on my nails, and it was a very thick type of nail polish I guess. It kind of lumped at the bottom of the nail polish but that meant that you could use the brush to cover your entire nail with it without having to go back to the bottle – which is awesome! Usually, some other brands have a very small brush inside, and whenever you finish half your nail, it dries, and then when you add colour to the other half of your nail, it looks really odd because they are different colours. Anyway, this wasn’t the case here. This brush was awesome and didn’t prove difficult to use.

photo 5


This nail polish was £14 – I didn’t use any discounts because there wasn’t any discounts at the time, but I think that there might be a few more discounts as summer approaches! To a certain extent, I have to admit that I think that this nail polish was actually really expensive. Although Nails Inc are an extremely awesome brand, I think that it was slightly more expensive than what I’d pay for normally when I go to the stores that sell Nails Inc nail polish. Nonetheless, if you love this colour, it is an amazing choice and you should definitely buy this (I bought a few more of these Gel Effect ones after my first order because I got really carried away and I can’t wait to show them all to you)!


…this nail polish is also making its way onto my ‘Monthly favourites page’! 


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