Poke poke poke!



So when I was waiting for my little cousin to finish his summer holiday club, I walked past this really cute flower shop in Ruislip Manor (just to the left of the entrance of Ruislip Manor Station) and I saw these really adorable cactus plants! They are just amazing! They were so cute and adorable! I was going to buy more than just the one I bought, but they were actually quite heavy because well, soil. At £4.50, although it is more expensive than the ones I used to buy from Budgens (Eastcote, London), I actually think that this was a really good purchase. Everyone who reads my blog probably knows I’m a tad of a shopaholic, and so only buying one nearly killed me! I fall in love with so many cute things! Ahhhh! My summer is full of cute things!

(Actually, if I really think hard about it, if I go past the shop again, and they have some more of the cactus plants in stock, I might just buy a few more…and then bring a box to put them in so that they won’t go stabbing me when I carry them home…)

Happy Summer!



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