Product Review: OPI Nail Polish – Navy Shatter

Having been over the moon with the other OPI nail polishes I have tried out, I decided that I’d go and try out their shatter range.

I actually bought this from amazon because I wanted to qualify for free delivery (I think you can usually get this when you spend £10 or more). I think if you had bought this from the shops, it would have been much much more expensive though so have a look online before you decide to buy this one!



I have to admit, I’m actually quite shocked at this type of nail polish. I’ve watched a few videos about how this actually works, and I actually thought that the videos might have been edited – I just didn’t get how it managed to dry that quickly!

Anyway, it came through the post and it looked so odd in it’s little package…

I was actually quite pleased with my purchase and it was actually such a great value for my money.
So I applied the shatter nail polish on top of my Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish: Ginger Melon.
The polish dried very quickly and it just looked quite amazing. Although the colour probably isn’t ideal for working at the office, or in shop that sells food, it is amazing if you work for events agencies, or wearing it to attend parties and dinners! It’s such a beautiful colour match. It doesn’t clash, but manages to work so well with each other!

Love it! Go try it out!


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