Product Review: Essie Hip Anema

A few days ago, I was assigned to a project in central London. After work finished, I decided to pop into the shops and see what else there was in the world of beauty… As usual, I hovered over to the Essie Nail Polish collection and something caught my eye (again….read below to see why!)



Since the bottle of polish looked so attractive and gorgeous, I purchased this nail polish using my student discount, and then decided that as soon as I got home, I’d try it out…but this meant removing the nail polish that I love (the opi shatter nail polish I bought a few days ago): it looked somewhat like this…


What a little random rainbow! So I arrived home and I realised that I actually bought the same one two weeks ago, but forgot all about it 😦


I’m going to sell the new one online because I don’t have enough room for more!!:(
If you want to buy this one off of me, just pop me a message below or tweet me at @enngigi

Anyway, enough about my weird moments…this nail polish color is beautiful!
I could actually compare it to the bottles of Nails Inc that I got with my Instyle magazine as a freebie! They are just so beautiful (my nails…)

The color is so bright and looks so beach and seaside like! I love it, it goes with loads of outfits that I wear, and the brush works so well! The brush is thick and has really good paint coverage! Loving it!


This post is one of my first Essie nail polish reviews, and I’ve gotta say: I love Essie!


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