My first time decorating my nails using…a toothpick!

So a few days back, I was watching a few Youtubers doing their thing on decorating their nails with little toothpicks so I decided that perhaps it was about time that I did the same. After dinner, I got so bored to the point that I walked upstairs…too many stairs…and unpacked the new hobby craft order that I had been wanting to (but had been too lazy to) unbox. I got out my new acrylic paints, and started using a toothpick to paint my nails.

They don’t look too good, but given that this was my first attempt, I think it’s definitely something that I might spend more time doing soon!

photo 1 photo 2

What do you think of the nails? The sticks were meant to be acorn shaped – but they turned out like the designs that Bubz from Bubzbeauty had recorded a tutorial about which is even better cos they looked awesome! -, and the anchor was  just because I had put some new cards from my card range from onto eBay, and I love drawing anchors now!

Also, I used the Essie Hip Anema from my previous blog post as a base colour for my nails!

What do you guys think? Let me know! I want to try out more designs so if anyone else has any tutorials out there…I want to see!




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