Product Review: MUA Eyeshadow Palette

A few weeks ago, my little cousin suddenly decided that she wanted to try out some make-up and by this, I mean try out some eyeshadow. We went to Boots, but they didn’t really have the shade of pink that she wanted. So we went to Superdrug UK. We started looking at brands like Rimmel and Max Factor but they didn’t have the one that she wanted…oh dear. Anyway, she wanted different shades of pink, but she couldn’t decide which one she wanted. Just as we were leaving the make-up section of the shop, we saw the little MUA display stand.

photo 1

I lov

photo 4

We turned the little spinny stand around, and we found the little MUA blush palettes, and then she (actually) screamed when she saw the colour she wanted. This was the MUA palette that I’ll be blogging about today. It had so many different shades of pink and purple…which is quite good because it means that whatever colour she fancies next – the palette will have it!

I’ve never tried MUA products before, and I’m so glad I decided to go for it this time. For such a large range of products, at such a good high quality, and for it to be this cheap, it was definitely a good buy!

I lov

RRP £4.00 (if you use your student discount in Superdrug: £3.60) I actually think this is a very cheap and reasonable price – definitely worth your money! It has the same quality as many of the other brands out there, but this one has more volume wise, and has the same outcome either way!

photo 3

Check it out! What do you think about it?



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