Rainbows and DELICIOUS ALCHEMY cupcakes

So last night my little cousin and I made some spontaneous cupcakes!

I’ve never tried this brand of cupcake mix before since I usually make it using flour and sugar etc, aka the proper way. However, after attending the Love Organic 2014 show, and since I bought like five packets of these gluten and dairy cake mixes (I really wanted the cool box that came with it if we bought four or more!), we decided maybe we should be lazy and use the mix! I was not disappointed at all! They tasted delicious!

After adding three large eggs, butter and a few teaspoons of water, we chucked in the cake mix and popped them into the oven!


These cupcakes were really creamy and fluffy (before we put them in the oven) and they smelt delicious! I could have eaten them without putting them into the oven…but that’d be mad because it has raw egg in it: and that is something I don’t want to experience!





I think I spent just over £10 on all of the packets, but it may have been on special offer because of the fact we were at a food fair!
Although the cake mix is slightly more expensive than some normal supermarket cake mix, if you have special dietary requirements, I’d have to definitely recommend for you to try it! It’s definitely worth the money!! For £2.99, this cake mix is probably my favorite now! I can’t wait to try the Brownie cake mix! Hehe!

Anyways, here is the company’s link for you to get your hands on some: http://www.deliciousalchemy.com/

They also do cereals, biscuits, breads and loads more! Check them out and tell me your views on the cakes too!


PS: here is the rainbow!



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