Southend on Sea

So if you follow me on twitter, you’ll know that my parents and I took my little cousins to the seaside whilst their parents were away.

Since my parents hadn’t need to look after young kids for probably just under ten years, my parents were definitely out of practice when it comes to chasing the kids around, kids throwing up on trains, having to clean the kids after a day at the seaside, but we coped.

We set off at half 8 and made our way to Barking train station via tube. We then bought our train tickets and hopped on a c2c train to Southend on Sea. This journey actually only took 1.5 hours in total, but my little cousin wasn’t feeling too good after all that traveling, and well, decided it was time to throw up. Having suffered from travel sickness throughout my entire life, I was used to having to sit by myself and look after myself making sure I was feeling alright, but since my little cousin had never really been, I suppose ‘trained’ in these occasions, we had to do it for him. It was hard work trying to clean up but we did it. Lesson of the day: you can never ever have enough tissues.

Anyway, we had prepared for that to happen so we were good. When I was taking trains to go to work and so on, I’ve seen loads of parents and carers so unprepared for this, and I guess that makes the kid feel uneasy and difficult to have a good time when they get there. Anyway, the train ride was actually really fun. I never expected the journey to be full of so many sheep and horses…



Tickets for the kids were £1 each, which is actually quite cheap since usually they’re around £5 each. Tickets for the adults were more expensive, but altogether was under £30 for all five of us (two adults, one student, two kids). Score!

Southend on Sea probably exceeded my expectations. I was expecting it to be really crowded, sweaty, and pebble-full. But this beach had the sand! I love sand. And sandcastles. I actually sound like a child now! Hehe!

We made adorable sandcastles, that all fell down – or dad kicked them down for us. We then decided to make a little sand duck which was adorable!


We didn’t get a chance to take that many typical beach pictures that everyone on Instagram likes to take and then filter, but the one above was probably the highlight of the day.

After a good few hours in the high heat of the sun, my mum joined the insane mothers having to look after the kids and clean the shoes, and feet and faces and hands and arms at the beach showers. It had actually been so many years since she had to look after little kids in this type of environment. It looked funny, but definitely something ticked off her bucket list? Mwhahah.

Even if you get sick of the sea, there is a huge shopping centre there for you to go shop away! They have the usual fast food shops like KFC, McDonalds etc, and I must admit, people outside of London seem to be more polite! Ahhhh, got to love the seasides!

Southend on Sea is definitely a place to go and visit if you want to play with sand! And it’s even better if you go with people who enjoy arcades because there are literally hundreds of those soft toy machines that you can play with! Definitely will be asking my friends to come next time so they can help me win a few baby Oleg toys from those games! I tried like £3 worth of those games and gave up 😦

In all, the day was fab, and is definitely a great place to take your kids to during the summer!

PS: I will be doing a “Things you should bring to the beach” blog post soon!


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