Superdrug Nail Polish Remover – Acetone formula

So you all know I’m a huge fan of nail polish, and most recently, the Nails Inc Gel Effect range.

I’ve had a few readers email me asking what nail polish removers I use in order to get my nail polish off safely, without burning the cuts in my fingers, or to prevent the colour remaining directly on my nails…well, I have to say, in the last few months, I’ve tried quite a few. I’ve been through all the nail polish removers that Superdrug sells, and I’ve decided that I love one, and only one. Not only is it cheap, but just quickly gets its job done.

In fact, it comes directly from the Superdrug Nail Polish Remover range. I tried a few of the different colours (which contain different formulas), but I think only the purple nail polish remover works for me.


(Sorry guys! I didn’t see much point in taking a picture of the bottle I own as mine has nearly run out!) – But the picture above is the mini size, but you should recognise the bigger bottle in store! Hehe!

Label name for the nail polish: ‘Superdrug Nail Polish Remover ‘Acetone Formula…250ml

Price: £1.39? Occasionally it might be cheaper, but I think it varies according to which store you purchase it from! You can also buy the 75ml bottles.

I’ve tried the entire range: the red nail polish remover, the blue nail polish remover, and the purple nail polish remover. I have to say, the red nail polish remover hurt my nails a bit, and it didn’t work that effectively so I returned it because it wasn’t worth keeping something that I didn’t like – Superdrug are really nice about this. Since it is one of their own brand products, it allows them to note down what went wrong, and improve it.

For other students out there:

I know that buying the purple nail polish remover may be like a few ten p’s more expensive, but if it saves your hands and nails, invest in it. The bottle lasts a LONG TIME – like a good year or so if you don’t change your nail polish that regularly, and if you use it sparingly! You can also use your NUS card as a form of student discount in Superdrug so you get around 10% off! SCORE!


TIP: Definitely invest in cotton wool pads – which are also available from Superdrug, and work out to be cheaper if you use student discount, and then scan your Superdrug card (the card that’s a perfect mirror in your wallet if you’re not sure… :D)! Cotton wool is much more effective than using kitchen roll, tissue etc. It’s the perfect size, and does not fluff up randomly so no dust or pieces of tissue are left on your nails. 

Remember to always wash your hands thoroughly using soap and water before and after you use the nail polish remover in order to protect your nails, and also allows you to get the nail varnish off your nails more quickly…


REMEMBER if you are going on holiday, paint your nails before your trip because you may not be allowed to bring the nail polish & remover with you as it is an actual liquid above 10ml – so if you’re going to a different country by plane for example, paint your nails etc at home BEFORE you leave to go on holiday!


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