Skulduggery Pleasant Book 9 Review + GIVEAWAY

So as many of you guys already know, I’m a HUGE Skulduggery Pleasant fan. [Yes, I can be a shopaholic and a bookworm!] Since Book 1, I’ve been hooked. I initially came across the book during the ‘Year 7 Book Club’ phase of my life. I was a little Year 7, and was joining all these activities in my first weeks of high school – this is definitely something that I don’t regret. If I have to be honest, I originally joined the book club because I wanted to read new books as they came out, and because our English teacher was just like ‘Tag along…It’ll be good for your curriculum and would improve your spelling…blahblahblah…’ I don’t think were fully ‘convinced’ as such, but then we went along anyway when they said we could miss a day of school near the end of the year because we could attend the Hillingdon Book Club event! It really was exciting times for a Year 7….getting to miss a day of school, but seven years on, I don’t regret it! We read such a variety of books, like the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, and a few more that I can’t even remember now because I probably they weren’t made into a movie that I got to watch in Year 8.

PS: There is a giveaway at the bottom of this blog post! Carry on reading!

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Anyway, back to the point in hand. Derek Landy is an amazing author. He is such an amazing writer; in every single page, he manages to grasp your attention even when you aren’t looking! You can read it, and you can just get so involved in the story that you are just dreading the moment that the book has to sadly end. You want to be able to read it all day long and just live the lives that Gordon lived and Skulduggery lives.

So the ninth book was finally released a few weeks ago, and well, since I’ve been saving up for University, I hadn’t realised that the final book was being released in the same month, so I was simply overjoyed to be sent a copy to read! I’ve read every single book, and there is definitely nothing better than a good old Derek Landy written book for you to read. This final book is no different. It is absolutely mind-blowing. Landy’s style of writing never lets you down. You know you’re in for a treat whenever you turn the page. I’m currently on the 5th chapter of the final book, and all I can say is, once I finish reading this series, I’m reading it over again from the start!

If you’ve read a few of the books already, you’ll know that, like the cover of the final book says, there simply isn’t room for ‘Steph, Darquesse and Valkyrie’ – amazing names right? Since the War of the Sanctuaries ended, Skulduggery had to feel the loss of Valkyrie, and somehow I’m worried for him. It was such a shock, it was like ‘OMG why is this happening nooooooo something bad is going to happen’ throughout the entire eighth book… Even from the start, to me, he’s been kind of an idol. It sounds weird, but Landy has portrayed Skulduggery Pleasant as a father figure to Valkyrie for so long that I’m wondering whether or not something mind-blowing will happen after the fifth chapter [omg]? Will be continuing the rest of the book on the train journey next week!

I literally just flipped to a random page in the book, and her reflection seems to be getting a bit out of hand? From the start I’ve always pondered over the idea that the reflection will try and get her own back – and it’s happening! Can’t wait to get to that chapter – it’ll be so good!

GIVEAWAY: I’m really happy to announce that I will be giving away a copy of the final addition to the Skulduggery Pleasant book series for one of my readers to read. I hope that you will be able to enjoy the book as much as I am enjoying it now! Please CLICK HERE, to be redirected to the Rafflecopter giveaway link. Good luck and enjoy!

I’ll be adding my little timeline of reading onto THIS page so you guys can come and join me on my adventure of reading the final addition to the series. NOTE: THIS (with the link attached – TBC) page will contain spoilers from other readers as well as myself so don’t click on the link above until you’ve caught up with me!

Good luck!

Natalie x


PPS: As promised, I won’t be ruining the story for you if you haven’t read the book before, but promise me that you will ALL go and buy yourself a copy of the books in the series and simply take your mind on an adventure.


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