The love I have for Artbox UK

In the Artbox Free Delivery hype a few weeks ago, I decided to go to town…well, not literally. I went straight onto the Artbox website and started my mini-online shopping spree.

I actually ended up spending 83p on two different postcards and a mini pencil. When I came home from work, I continued my little spree and bought five 95p cute notepads! They are absolutely adorable!



[Owl is actually from The Works…a little more on that next time!]

If I had to recommend you all a cute site to order gifts and stationery, I’d definitely recommend you to Artbox. Some of the plush toys might be a bit too expensive for students like myself, but when it comes to sale time, go absolutely wild! Everything in the shop is adorable! So cute and so mini!

Another plus is that they always have some sort of promotion. Free delivery…10% off….etc., all year round so it’s like ALWAYS Christmas – definitely something I love.

They also have a store or two in London so those who are popping in and out of London? Go google the stores and pay a visit to them! Definitely worth the trip!


NOTE: all blog posts from 8/9/14 will be posted on both and until I decide which blogging platform I prefer!


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