As all of you who follow me are probably aware, I’ve actually been extremely busy this month. September? Well, not because I’ve started school/university yet, but more because I have this really weird ambition to always go out, and leave the house for the entire day and do some shopping with some friends and occasionally family – when mum decides she wants to pay for some of my clothes!

I WILL be doing a FULL blog post week where I will post as many times as I humanly can. I’m actually writing this blog post at 1am, and scheduling it for an evening this week so sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, I just wanted to let you guys know about my new ambitious blogging schedule before you guys think that my mind has completely gone nuts!image

Why will I be scheduling my blog posts? Well, my laptop has kind of gone…in a downward spiral…to the floor! It’s crashing and I’ve tried to fix it myself, I’ve gotten a few friends to try and fix it, but since it has already passed its guarantee period, I’ve decided to invest in a brand new laptop instead of fixing it etc. I’ve had this laptop/big netbook for two years now – ever since I started sixth form. It’s stuck by me throughout my A-Levels, throughout all my exams, the printing and so on. So I’ll probably be using this laptop whenever I’m home from University, or when I just need to use two computers to do work and Skype my friends! I will be scheduling the blog posts because I have completely no idea when my new laptop will arrive and I don’t want to go AWOL on all you guys! My iPhone has also decided to do a crash and burn thing as well. Its camera isn’t working that awesomely so sorry for the bad quality images that are to come!

I will be blogging about a series of shopping trips, family outings, London outings, beach outings, preparing for university and so on within the next week before I head off to University where I probably won’t have enough time to blog during Fresher’s Week!

I’ve also got a few more sponsored blog posts and a few competition prizes to blog about in the near future so keep watching this space!

Anyway, get following me on bloglovin: bloglovin.com/enngigi



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