Product Review: Pantene Age Defy Shampoo and Conditioner

Last week I received a little parcel containing a few bottles of the brand new Pantene Expert Age Defy Shampoo and Conditioner.

image (1)

Because I’m a huge Schwarzkopf fan, and am currently working my way through another bottle of their new shampoo, I asked my mum to try out the shampoo and conditioner on my behalf. She loved it. She actually recommended it to my Grandparents and a few of her girly friends from my old Chinese School!

Mum has always been quite a big Pantene fan so I think she was definitely overjoyed with the fact that she’s found a shampoo that suits her more than the other brands out there. Because she also dyes her hair every few months, she found that this shampoo actually works with the hair dye, and doesn’t try to make it rough or fall out!

Definitely would recommend this shampoo to a lot of people who feel as if they qualify for the ‘Age Defy’ range. I think the conditioner actually works really well on younger people too – I tried it because I was actually quite eager to try it too! It really repairs your hair and lets it feel really smooth and sleek! Definitely an enjoyable experience because my hair smelt awesome even after a day out!

Check it out! I’ve seen them in a few Boots UK and Wilko stores! RRP around £5.99 a bottle.


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