Mini-pre-packing University Haul! – Student Style!


Okay, so I’ve finally got my new laptop and I can continue to blog every single day for the rest of my blog – or something like that! Today I’ll be blogging about some of my daily essentials – and some things that I thought I might be needing when I move away for uni!

1. Push Pins

My form tutor bought the duck versions of these Push Pins at the start of Year 12, when we were her new form group. I always wondered where she got them from until I saw them in Rymans! They were on discount a few days ago, so used that discount and my student discount (12.5% at Rymans) to pay for them. I bought two packets, which worked out to be something like £1.99 each minus student discount…I’ll do the math a bit later on when I get my new calculator tomorrow! I think these pins are ridiculously adorable! Bumble bees! Sweet!

2. Wilko Sticky notes

These sticky notes could actually be compared to the actual post-it notes. They have the same amount of stickiness, and are available in the same range of colours. I know you’re probably all like, will it work? All I can say is, for 50p this was a bargain. I bought four packs. They are very sticky, stick onto paper, walls, wardrobes! If you’re one to write everything onto a sticky note – this is the one for you! I’m not sure how long they are 50p for so hurry along to Wilko!

3. Nail Brush

Over the past few days I’ve been doing a lot of washing up. We’ve had so many people round my house that the washing up never seems to end! It was about £1 in Tiger. It seemed really good quality so I thought I might give it a go! What more can I say? It gets the dirt out from under your nails without scratching your fingers!

4. Simple Radiance Brightening and Cleansing Wipes

I’m going to be talking about both of these in another blog post maybe – maybe I’ll even do a Simple haul! I love the Simple beauty brand. It is absolutely mind-blowing how amazing their skincare range is. The wipes are something that I’ve been using for quite a while now – if you go back a few months in terms of my blog posts, I bought some cleansing wipes – but they were blue. I ran out of these (bought them for £1 at Tesco in June) a few days ago so I thought I’d better run along and buy some more. I thought I’d get the green packet cleansing wipes again because I didn’t really see the difference between the green and blue. The green ones were actually on sale in Superdrug for around £1.58 – minus student discount! Score! Superdrug student discount is 10% bdw if you’re not too sure about it! I love these wipes. They are absolutely amazing. They moisturise your skin and don’t get dried so easily!

The brightening wipes are even better – but they work out to be more expensive – around £2.48 when they are on sale…but I suppose you can just stock up when they are discounted and then use student discount plus whatever other offer you might have tucked up under your sleeves! They have moisturisers inside of the wipes so work out even better – really softens up your skin!

5. Simple Pore Minimising Toner

It does actually work a charm! Will be buying more next time before I go to Uni. At first your skin needs to get used to it, but if you use it consistently for a few days or so, it finally makes a difference and you’ll be able to see it straight away!

6. The Revlon Nail Polish

I will also be blogging about this separately as well as on here. I bought this during the 3 for 2 promotion in Boots when I was in Marble Arch during the Summer break. I loved the Melon Pink smell – I think that’s the name of the shade – so much that I didn’t want to try this one out just yet incase I end up opening loads and loads of bottles just before I leave home! The Perfumarie range just all smell amazing. If you love smelling your nails…those are the ones for you!

Anyway, that’s enough from me today!


NOTE: This blog post will be posted on both and until I decide which blogging platform I want to use…xD


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