Product Review: Nails Inc Covent Garden Place

It actually feels like it has been quite a while since I last posted something about nail polish – shameful because the truth is, it has been quite a long time since I’ve posted about nails! No worries though! I’m going to blog today!

I think it’s definitely one of the prettiest colours I’ve come across in terms of the Gel Effect range that Nails Inc have to offer. It’s definitely something I’d wear to every single party, or perhaps weddings!

It has this shine to it that other nail polishes don’t really have – hehe!

I actually bought this nail polish a few weeks ago when I went on my nails inc. haul! It was around £14, and I think I used some gift card I got from a friend, but can’t remember – check out the Mercer Street blog post if you want more info on the price of the nail polish. I think for this colour, and considering how long the nail polish has actually lasted, £14 is actually quite reasonable. I know you guys are probably thinking…£14 for a nail polish?! But if you try it out, it’s a beautiful colour, manages to stay on longer than all the other nail polishes that I’ve been experimenting with, and has amazing shine.

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s stayed on because I haven’t been doing the dishes, you’re wrong! I have been washing all the dishes, cleaning windows, cleaning doors, floors – all of it! Pink is definitely something I’ve decided to fall in love with, and I’ll probably wear this colour again another day!

Anyone else have this shade of nail polish? Loving it?


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