So, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…The September Birchbox!

So, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The September Birchbox! Everyone knows how much I love receiving the Birchbox each month. I literally take a day out of my life, and wait for the box to literally come knocking on my door!

1. Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream.

RRP £25.50

So, this is the item that I actually tried out in one of the Benefit counters in Central London a few weeks ago during a shopping haul with a friend. A few days later, I returned and bought the big size bottle to use. This is probably one of my best buys. It really works your eyes perfectly. It’s works especially well with sensitive skin, but even if you do have quite sensitive skin, try a little bit out first before you go and apply loads of it on your eyes – just to be safe.

I think there are quite a lot 3g sample pots out there – and I’ll probably be giving my sample pot to my mum for her to try out because I love it!

2. Agave Healing Oil Treatment

RRP £16+

I haven’t tried this treatment out yet, but when I do, will update this page!

3. Premae Mild Bermabrasion Face and Body Scrub

RRP £25

I was actually feeling quite sad about this sample. I’ve heard about this brand on Twitter before, and was actually uber excited to be able to try it out – but the sample pot was so tiny! Anyway, I will probably be investing in one of these Face and Body Scrubs when I finish the collections I have in the bathroom cabinet! But until then, I have to say, I’m loving the brand. It’s amazing, and actually smells really good – which is something that usually attracts me to go and try it out in the first place!

4. ModelCo Power Lash Mascara

RRP £24

I actually tried out this mascara a few days ago! I love it. It really does work with your eyes really well, and creates such a vibrant…eyelash! Beautiful! Now I have two! Hehe!

5. Korres Citrus Body Milk

RRP £9.50

Oh Korres…I’ve been waiting for you for ages! I love Korres so much. A few months ago, one of my friends gave me a bottle of Korres Body Milk when she moved out of London! I loved it. Anyway, since student life is going to be tough, this Korres Body Milk has made my day! And it smells awesome! Really nourishes your skin really well!

Almond Oil! Yum (to smelll…not eat)!

Ah, the lifestyle part of the Birchbox!

The food! I actually ate the Urban Fruits before I took the picture of the box because the box came at breakfast time, and I was hungry. They are actually quite expensive, but definitely worth it!

The photo clip is actually something I’ve really been needing for a quite now. I keep losing stuff, and being able to clip something onto the clip and then it’ll stay there for when I need to remember something next! Really adorable clip!


Best wishes,


Note: Unfortunately, I will not be doing the October Birchbox given that I will be moving away to University and therefore not staying at home. Because of this, and the fact that my Birchbox subscription is currently going to arrive at my house, and I won’t be able to open it until in a few month’s time when my parents come visit me, it doesn’t seem practical to get the box…but maybe I’ll figure out a way! Maybe! Definitely getting November though 😉

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