Guest Post: Hoooooovers

“Now if you’re reading this expecting a short and sweet summary of what this blogger is about, you expect too much.
Intrigue has never taken such a lovely form and her posts will suck you in like a wordy-hoover and will definitely leave you wanting more.
The consistent writing style leaves you satisfied until the next post but it will never become consistent enough to cause blogs to be similar, leaving you bored. Now, I don’t follow many blogs myself but I make an exception for this particular blog because of the warmth of the author, despite the sarcasm and whit that ensues.
I could continue to string adjectives together in an attempt to further sell this blog, but I think it would be simpler for you to trust me and jump in yourselves, but please direct all compliments and complaints to her, not me.
(Though I doubt you will be able to find reason to do so. And you do so at your own risk.)”

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