The mini-Primark Haul! Game of Thrones fan?! Check it out!

Because I’ll be really busy for the rest of the week, I’ve decided that I’ll just schedule all my blog posts because right now, I have time! I’m on a train, and I can’t really read books on trains because they’re quite long, and require you to always look down when you’re reading the book…awkward when you’re standing up and can’t balance properly! Anyway, typing is much easier because if you know how to touch type, you don’t need to look! Perfect!

I’ve just picked up one of my glasses, and wow, it too quite a long time for them to sort it out because they actually broke one of my lenses before they gave it to me – that’s really awkward, and also a waste of a journey for me because I had to take time off to pick them up… By the time that this post is published, I should have picked up the other pair and be wearing them all over the place! I could look like a cute minion! Or the guy from Chicken Little…I haven’t decided yet.


I popped into town a few days ago, and picked up a few more pair of jeans, a few strap tops, and these two amazing t-shirts.

Can you believe it?

Anyone else a GoT fan?

They were only £6 each from Primark!

– I’m attempting to catch up with the latest episodes and so hopefully will finish the season before I leave to go uni!

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know where to get those awesome t-shirts if you’re interested!

All the best,


PS: Hopefully I’ll be back with another post tonight!

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