A day in High Wycombe

The Train Journey

So yesterday morning I took the 09:02 (something) from where I live, to High Wycombe. We got up especially early so that we could get a ticket from the Ticket Office, as opposed to paying the 75p booking fee online. Because the train fare was less than £12, I couldn’t use my new Student Rail Card (which lets you get 1/3rd off your travel). So in total, the journey from my home, to High Wycombe, where my auntie and her cute baby lives, was £10.60 – an anytime, same day, open return ticket – adult. I actually considered this to be quite cheap, but apparently if you get like monthly/annual tickets, it works out to be much cheaper.

The Chiltern Railways trains are actually really on-time, but then again, if you miss the train journey, you miss it! Nothing you can do about it – unless you have an anytime day return, where you can just hop on the next one!

Beautiful things

Mum and I have always considered High Wycombe to be such a beautiful place, but because the UK has the most awkward type of snow, when it snows, you’re basically in for a horrible time because you’ll end up sliding down all the hills in Wycombe! I’ll add a few pictures onto my Instagram page @enngigi a bit later so you can check out the pictures.

Free book store

My aunt actually told me about this free book store in one of the shopping centres so I decided to pay a visit. There were so many cute fiction and loads of study books there, and so I decided to get a few, and then pay a donation!

Seriously though, the range of books there are probably more diverse than the library’s that I have in my local area so if you’re in town for a day or two, definitely worth the visit!


So I visited a playgroup whilst Mum and I were babysitting my little cousin. It was so cute! There were actually so many younger children there, and had cake and tea as well! Definitely worth it – parenting people especially! I think it was like Kings Theatre? Something with the Stars in it….(the name of the playgroup) – definitely worthwhile if you want to make friends with the mothers, or go on playdates with your kids.

What other shops did I visit?

  • The Sue Ryder Charity Shop
  • Cancer Research Charity Shop
  • Boots
  • The Body Shop
  • Primark – found some really good buys from here! & bought my uni duvet.

Hope you liked reading!


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